Backpack for Birds – Trackpack [WE HAVE A WINNER of Giveaway]

Product Review: BirdTricks x Ibiyaya TrackPack

The BirdTricks x Ibiyaya TrackPack is a fantastic backpack designed specifically for small parrots, offering a comfortable and secure way to travel with your feathered companion. With its impressive features and high-quality construction, it’s no wonder bird owners are excited about this product.

One of the standout features of the TrackPack is its versatility in accommodating various small parrot species, including larger ones like Indian Ringnecks. If you’re unsure about the size compatibility for your bird, BirdTricks provides the option to confirm the right fit by contacting their customer support. The dimensions and weight of the TrackPack are also provided, ensuring you have all the necessary information before making a purchase.

The TrackPack & Accessories

The TrackPack comes with a comprehensive set of accessories, including a removable mesh for the front opening, a food bowl, a waste pan, a hemp rope wooden perch, hanging storage pouches, and Velcro patches for a seamless look. These additions make it convenient and functional, allowing you to keep all the essentials for your bird within reach while on the go.

Cleaning and storing the TrackPack is hassle-free due to its collapsible and foldable design. The removable bottom pan makes cleaning a breeze, ensuring a hygienic environment for your bird. The water-repellent fabric adds an extra layer of protection, keeping your feathered friend dry in temporary light rain outdoors. The TrackPack’s durability is reinforced with a PE seam, and the stainless steel mesh prevents rust and ensures proper ventilation.

For those who like to travel by car, the TrackPack features a rear loop that allows you to secure it to the backseat using your car’s seat belt. This feature adds an extra layer of safety and stability during transportation. Additionally, the shading flap keeps your bird cool and in the shade while still allowing them to enjoy the outdoors with you.

The adjustable chest buckle ensures a comfortable and secure fit, making it easier to carry the TrackPack for extended periods. The moveable storage pouches are a great addition, providing convenient storage for walkie-talkies, phones, or other communication accessories. The convenient ring attachment is perfect for holding a whistle or additional storage pouch, eliminating the need to remove the backpack entirely.

User Experiences Using TrackPack

In terms of user experiences, the overall feedback has been positive. However, one user mentioned that the zippers are prone to being chewed by birds, which can be a weak point of the product. Nevertheless, the build quality of the TrackPack is excellent, and users are pleased with its performance, taking their birds everywhere with confidence.

Some users highlighted the limited visibility for the bird inside the backpack, but they understood that the mesh layering was designed as a deterrent for insects and to prevent birds from chewing through it. They also suggested including additional food bowls and perches. Another user pointed out that the inside of the backpack can be quite dark when all the screens are closed, and accessing the inside tray can be challenging due to the Velcro attachments.

Despite these minor concerns, the overall consensus is that the TrackPack is a fantastic backpack for traveling with your bird. The quality workmanship, high-quality materials, and thoughtful design make it a reliable and comfortable option. Users appreciate the stability, adjustable shoulder straps, and the ability to secure the backpack in their cars using the seat belt.

Highly recommended

In conclusion, the BirdTricks x Ibiyaya TrackPack is highly recommended, especially for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy spending time in nature with their beloved feathered pets. Its exceptional features, durability, and safety measures ensure that your bird can experience the outdoors while keeping them comfortable, secure, and protected.

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  1. Love your videos they helped me so much taming my budgie that I rescued after he was found at a bird feeder he used to be afraid of people and scared of human touch now he loves people and knows a recall and how to shake and talk thank you so much

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