Can you travel with a Budgie bird? How to safely travel

Can you travel with a Budgie

Travel with a Budgie? There are so many reasons for the owners why traveling is not good, actually is not safe, let’s discuss in this article.

Well, well, well… Summer is the time when most people choose to go traveling all around the world with their family. During that time it is known that the children are free from school responsibilities and the weather is more likely to remain suitable for some road trips. When families come with this idea and want to travel with their dog or cat, that does not make any problems. But what is going on with Budgie birds? For the parrot owners, decisions like those are not so easy, they are much complicated than you thought.

There are often many questions in their head, especially this one: ” What do we do with the bird?”

In this article, we bring you many reasons, many suggestions on how to happily travel with your little pet, so stay tuned.

There are so many reasons for the owners why traveling with their bird is not good, actually is not safe. On the one side, there is a fear of boarding. Not only do they believe that they will spend their entire vacation worrying about, whether their little Budgie bird is being looked after and kept well-fed and socialized, do they have everything they need, but there is also the specious fear that their birds will be so angry with them when they return. In the worst case will they have forgotten about their owners during their concise absence from their lives.

But worrying always, but always turns out to be for nothing. Our Budgie birds are returned to us in healthy, and after some time they slide right back into the rhythm and habit of their home.

So what to do if you want to bring the bird with you and your family this year? This will give you many chances bonging with your bird, it will help you to see your pet from another perspective, it will help with socializing your bird with new people, and that will bring joy to you and your bird equally. And when you think more about that, that can be a fun adventure for everyone!

Will your bird be a good traveler? How to know? 

The temperament of every bird is different, so when you think about traveling with your bird, think about this first. You have to know that many small birds such as finches, budgies, and canaries are impatient and can easily become stressed. For them is best to be left home. Others love to travel, they won’t make you any problem so that is the reason why you should travel with your bird. Like many people want and love to travel, the same thing is with many birds. Travel is interesting, it is also very healthy because it’s keeping their active minds occupied. Best of all, travel allows them to be surrounded by their favorite person all day.

So don’t let yourself making this trip so difficult because it is not at all. It can be really fun if your budgie wants to come along. If you need any help continue reading and read answers to these questions. 

travel with pet bird budgie

Is your bird used to a routine? 

To travel with a budgie keep in your mind that if your Budgie bird is very young you have to know that his feeding, play, hygiene, or rest patterns may not be well organized. So if you are planning to travel, the best tip we can give you is to travel with those mature birds who can conform to some changes in routine.

How long will your bird stay cozily in his cage?

From the moment you get the bird, you learn to identify your bird’s many moods at home. So when you are away from home with your bird, you need to pay extra attention to them to check stress. Before taking a long trip, go to some closer locations and short trips with your bird, because that will help both of you to increase duration next time. 

Does your bird get nausea during travel? 

Just like humans, birds can detect whether they are in motion or not. Recognizing you are in motion is nothing difficult. Because of the motion during the trip, you can feel sick and get nausea. The same thing is happening with your Budgie bird. So the previous tip about traveling shorter distances at the beginning of your travel experience will help you a lot. 

Like humans, your bird can experience motion sickness

Check your bird’s health

Before any planned trip, take your pet to the veterinarian and check their health. Because travel can cause stress for your pet the same way it can cause to you. That is because of everything changes, water, schedules, diet, some phobias, just everything. 

Can you travel with a Budgie bird?
Budgie bird

Will you have enough time for yourself and your bird
If you are questioning yourself will you have time for your bird, and if your answer is 90 percent “no”, home care is a way better option. Even you are on holiday, you will have to do everything you did before. You will have to feed him, to play with your bird, to clean cage, everything. And you have to be aware of that. 

Travel with Budgie – TIPS

We bring you essential travel trips you have to know if you decide to plan your travel with your bird. 

The reservations

The first thing would be reservations. If your bird is traveling with you, arrange accommodations with non-smoking rooms because the opposite can make your bird ill. 

Pack everything for your little Budgie bird

You already know what are the essentials for your pet bird. Bring everything you Budgie bird need because those things are still easy.

Acceptable cage 

For traveling don’t bring a regular cage with yourself, because it won’t fit in the car. Also, putting your bird in the front seat won’t be very smart, because an airbag can inflate, and that can cause injury to the bird. You can also buy a cage which is designed for cars, because like we said before, those regular cages will not fit in your car. They are too large, and you have enough space for your family and stuff which are necessary for them.
Also, covering the cage will be a smart decision because you can prevent your bird from nausea.

You always try to impress your bird with some extra furnishing in the cage, you want everything to be perfect for them so they can fully enjoy. Even you do everything so cage can be perfect, forget about perfection this time, furnishings can not be heavy or anything like that because things that are swinging can cause many injuries. So when your bird is traveling with you bring some simple, crucial things. 

Food and water if you Travel with a Budgie

Remember to not overfeed your pet right before your trip. Also, remember to bring enough food for the budgie, enough water, and don’t let any problem be caused. Because you won’t want to lose your time in the pet shop, for buying enough food for it, you will have to be packed plenty, and be sure you brought everything with yourself.

Bring bottled water and choose it because you are sure your bird will probably like it. 

Just because you are on your vacation doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything and that you have to forget about your bird.

DO NOT be lazy and feed your bird in the right way. His regular daily food will be perfect and some food full of sugar and fats will be very unhealthy for your little buddy. Like we mentioned before, buy the same food you did before because changing it, you can cause digestive problems and make your first vacation worst. 

Well, I am sure you want to keep your car seat dry so try using a water bottle and before that make sure your bird knows how to use it. Giving small pieces of juicy fruit will help your bird staying hydrated during the trip. If you are going to the place where water is not very safe, actually if you are not going to drink that water, don’t let your bird drink it either. 
Also, plan the time you will give your bird food and trust me that will be heaven for both of you. 

 Cleaning supplies

Hygiene never takes a holiday, and keeping your bird’s cage clean during the increased stress of travel is very important task. To have everything clean around yourself, to keep birds cage clean, you have to pack some necessary supplies, such as cage liners. cleaning cloths, paper towels, sandpaper scrub brush, disinfectant. 

First aid kit

I am sure you want your budgie to be safe and healthy at every moment on your vacation. The best way is to include first aid kist fo traveling because in that way you will handle any emergencies. One extra tip is to have the name and phone number of your veterinarian, to keep him aware of your bird’s health. Interaction wit veterinarian during your vacation will improve that you are an amazing owner.  

travel cage budgie bird

Keep to the routine

If you want to have a successful journey, you have to minimize the changes in your bird’s routine. Here are some important tips for you, to know what to do and what not right before your trip, but also when you come to your destination.

Pre-trip if you Travel with a Budgie

Remember to make everything like it was before your trip and that includes playing with your bird, feeding, res, and hygiene.

If you’ll be employing a new travel cage, familiarize your budgie with it beforehand by taking local trips. per week before, during, and every week after traveling, fortify his diet with stress-formula vitamins and minerals. some days before departure, you’ll wish to wash your bird. you’ll not have time for a full bath until you reach your destination.

Also, clip your bird’s nails, if necessary. confirm your bird knows the way to drink from a bottle.

 En route

Like you, your bird needs a lay-by every few hours. Observe your pet’s mood. If needed, give any herbal or prescription products as recommended by your veterinarian for anxiety or ailment.

Covering the cage, as we said before, can also help to reduce the symptoms. Anytime your bird is out of the cage, use a flight suit with its lanyard attached. this can control droppings, and help prevent escape the last item you wish to get through from home!

Feed your budgie lightly before and through the trip, and minimize the confusing visual stimulus by keeping his cage covered. make sure your bird has the mandatory dark and quiet area for lots of sleep. 

At your destination

Because of their compact size, travel cages don’t seem to be recommended for daily use on an extended trip. Upon arrival, put your pet to his regular cage and make him feel comfortable. Position the cage and gym in a very quiet location, far from any windows. Spend time along with your pet.
Keep attention from friends, family, et al in restraint. And continue your effort to take care of a standard pet maintenance schedule.

Again, make sure your bird’s sleep schedule isn’t disrupted. Healthy birds need a minimum of 10 hours of sleep – birds under the strain of traveling need even more.

To sum up – Travel with a Budgie?

Of course, you have to keep in mind that traveling with a pet budgie bird is not as easy as traveling with a dog or a cat, but with some special preparations, there is no reason your bird can’t make the trip with you this year.

You have to be conscious that you may be faced with many tasks during your bird’s transport. Be ready that you may be taking the budgie to your veterinarian, moving to a new apartment, or traveling a long distance. But keep in mind that birds can be such great travelers. Most of them tolerate cars and airplanes very well, but also some love that excitement of travel. However, some birds may be very stressed by travel, but that is normal to expect. Your access and planning the whole trip will guarantee a safe, enjoyable trip for both of you. So now you can travel with your Budgie, stay safe and good luck 🙂


Alen AxP is an experienced budgie owner who is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise on budgie care. Through their articles and resources, they provide valuable insights and practical tips on topics such as diet, housing, and health, to help other budgie owners create a happy and thriving environment for their feathered friends.

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