Why You Should Keep Budgies for Pets and not Cats or Dogs? [Alen AxP]

Why You Should Keep Budgies for Pets and not Cats or Dogs? For a very long time, most people have preferred having cats and dogs as pets. And, this has become quite a popular notion for people across the world. They are cuddly, intelligent, and loyal—not forgetting their lovely eyes. However, the cost of keeping them is high. And, more pet lovers are looking into more pet options. One of them is a budgie. Here are some reasons you should consider keeping a budgie over a cat or dog.

Initial costs


Unlike dogs and cats, budgies cost around $20 in most pet stores. And, they require a cage that you can easily purchase for at least $50 or even less. However, the size of the cage you buy depends on the size of your apartment. Some of the cages also come special features convenient for the budgie. But, this is not a requirement.
If the cage has enough space for the budgie to exercise, then the cage is sufficient. Comparing these prices to the cost of having a cat and a dog, having a budgie is wallet-friendly.

Quality food for lower prices

Another significant difference between a budgie and a cat or dog is the price of food. Budgies require three meals every day, as well as occasional treats. However, the cost of food is cheaper compared to a dog or cat food. This means that your pet gets quality food at lower prices.
So, if you are looking for a pet, having a budgie is the way to go.

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  • Birds need to eat a nutritionally sound diet in order to live a long life. Improper feeding can lead to malnutrition and disease resulting in a shorter lifespan. Start off by feeding your bird right from the beginning.budgies
  • Parrots and birds of the parrot family can eat a variety of different kinds of foods. Seeds should not be a parrot’s only food. This is a mistake many new bird owners make. Seeds contain mostly fat and not enough protein and very few vitamins.
  • Birds can eat most table foods but it is best to stick to healthy items including items containing whole grains, pretzels, and whole wheat pastas and bread. Foods high in fat should be avoided. Never feed them avocados as they are toxic tobudgies.
  • Good sources of nutrition for your bird include beans and legumes as well as various vegetables and fruits. Some birds resist new foods at first while others are open to trying many new things. Although it may take some time to keep trying to introduce your bird to a variety of healthy foods.
  • Changes to a budgies diet should be done slowly and progressively over time. Provide fresh foods twice per day for approximately an hour each time. Be careful not to leave fresh food in the bird’s cage too long as it will develop bacteria that can make your bird sick.
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