Top 5 Parrots That Make the Best Pet Birds

Parrots are the most intelligent of all the bird species. They can memorize words, songs, and even human speech. Not only this, they are extremely affectionate and loyal companions and are also great entertainers because of their sociable behavior. That is why they are the man’s favorite when deciding about the new addition to their bird brood in the pet family. 

There are around 393 species of parrots in the world but only a few of them are petted. Let us discuss the top five of these who is everyone’s favorite


These huge brightly colored parrots are alluring and very entertaining pets They are quite intelligent as they pick everything they hear and mimic it well. That is why they are known as the best talkers of the parrot family. Some of the macaws like Hahn’s Macaw can be very affectionate towards the owner. The larger varieties like the Hyacinth Macaw are very high maintenance due to their largest size in the parrot family and nutritional needs. They demand a lot of attention from their owners and if left alone, can be destructive. Their average life span is 60 years if cared for in captivity.


Cockatoos are known to be the most affectionate of all the parrot families. They are cuddly as pets. These little lively creatures will become depressed and show neurotic behavior soon if they don’t get the attention and affection of the owner. They are not known for their good talking capabilities but a few of the varieties are still pretty good at learning speech. They are quite intelligent. Playful and mischievous all the time, they can be quite loud for the young ones of the house. 


Entertaining and playful, these are the smallest parrots in the whole parrot species. They form great pets for first-time owners due to their small-size and non-demanding nature. They can talk and learn tricks to keep you entertained. They are not that noisy and can even be petted in an apartment. They are very outgoing and comical and thus, enjoy human companionship. Don’t forget to make them friendly with all the members of the house as they are known to become only one-person bird and avoid all others.

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A cockatiel is loved by pet owners who need a calm little parrot. They are known to be gentle and docile birds. They are very playful and quite energetic. They love to hang out with their owners and get preened by them. But they are not specifically cuddly. They are great at mimicking whistles than speech. Males are better learners than females and can pick the sounds of a ringing bell, washing machine, and even the sounds of other birds.



The most popular bird pet in the world, budgerigar or budgie, as they are lovingly called, are the favorite of all the bird lovers across the globe. They are quite small and sociable birds. That is why they are generally kept in pairs if the owners can’t devote much of their time to these little beauties. They are great at learning words and sometimes do better than even larger parrots like Macaws. They are quite active and playful and will keep you entertained with their antiques which makes them the best companions to the bird lover.


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