Albino Baby Budgies

I’m a budgie breeder, But I do not do it for profit I do it for the love for the birds, I had budgies for about 20+ years but only start breeding them in August 2017 which I’m enjoying,

If you want to do it make sure you do your research maybe you had budgie for ages but it’s not the same some budgie can’t breed as Hens can get really sick very quickly and also become Egg Bond.

I’m on the last Clutch of Budgies for this year, the Mother is an Albino Budgie with yellow Tint and she got Red eyes and the Father is a Pure Albino So All White with Red eyes they had 4 babies they over a week old and their eyes is beginning to open and looks like they are Albino as they got red eyes,

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Budgie is a small, colorful and cute bird. They are well-known pets across the world. These birds are not short-lived. The average age of budgie is around 8 to 10 years. For this reason, if you have any plan to adopt a budgie in your house, you would have to take special care of the budgie. Cage for the budgie is as much as necessary as the house for us. But, buying a cage for a budgie is not a matter, the actual issue is the selection of best cage because for the special care of the budgie.

Choosing the best cage is a primary thing before adopting a budgie. Concerning, how to select the best cage for the budgie this article will equip you with all the necessary information. In this article, you are going to get information about the design, size, perches, feeders, and toys. Moreover, here you will also understand the cage’s placement, cleaning and covering. 

Avoid round cages for Budgerigars


There are various types of birds’ cages in the market, however, all cages don’t meet the need of budgie. You should buy a cage which is very suitable for the budgies. Moreover, the design also matters regarding ease for the owners. Therefore, you should select a budgie cage with a design which also provides an ease to the owner. The type of budgie’s cage which is easily accessible for the hand will be best because it will help you to give food and water to the budgie in the cage easily. Also, you should buy a budgie cage having enough space inside. The inside space matters because you will clean the cage regularly. You should avoid bad design budgie cage because from bad design cage often food and water blow in and out. 


Geo budgie cage is an advance design cage for the budgie. It is equipped with all the requirements and a healthy environment for the budgies. Mostly, it comes with dimension of 62cm (H) x 60cm (W) x 60cm (D). this type of cage is not only a cage but a mini aviary. In the geo budgie cage, there is an attached ‘no-spill’ feeder and drinker which catch easily waste for easy disposal. This thing keeps the budgie cage clean and tidy. Also, the geo budgie cage comes with a disposable paper liner that collects all the mess. The paper liner is also easily changed. Furthermore, the geo budgie cage is with two doors. The benefits of double doors are that you will easily feed the budgie. Besides, it is a useful budge cage for adding trimmings such as swings and toys. 

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  1. Hi , I also have albino babies but both my parent parakeets yellow black and green and both have regular eyes !! But they ended up with white albino babies. I had a question how do u tell the gender of male or female parakeet in albinos ? Because I read that it’s really hard to tell if albino Parakeet is a male or female.

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