I’m excited to share this kind of Do it Yourself Project with Budgie feathers. You can carry a piece of your feathery friend everywhere. 🥰 And It looks so cool that my wife carries it everywhere 😂

For this project, You will need Epoxy resin, epoxy hardener, Budgie feathers, and jewelry mold or silicone mold.

I think anyone can make Budgie jewelry in the comfort of your home. Watch our video on how we made some Budgie feathery jewelry.

Be aware that epoxy needs at least 48 hours to cure. Process is slow so take your time, do not rush.

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Parrots are the most petted bird across the globe. And budgie hold the supreme place of all the species. As much as they are wanted, they are also ranking high in terms of the most discarded pet for the past few years. Statistically, 85% of them are either discarded or passed on to another household for supposedly being difficult-to-handle. With shifting households, they feel even more abused and many of them suffer from Multiple Home Syndrome.

With all this going on with these sensitive beings, all we can think is how to find happiness by having a budgies as a loyal companion. Selfish human! How about making your little bird happy and finding happiness in his chirps and antiques? We all find ‘Things to keep my budgies happy’. But for his real happiness, you must learn what not to do to your little budgies. Let’s learn them all.

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