my budgies are really scared of me, i tried a lot..nothing works help me

Taming a Budgie bird or any kind of pet really depends on your patients and their will to be tamed. Some pets really don’t want to be tamed and have some kind of trauma from the past. For those kinds of pets, you need a lot, a lot of time to tame and gain their trust. There is an article about taming a bird here or even a Youtube playlist of videos on how to tame a budgie bird here.

Blind Budgie bird

I am so sorry and I am glad that this budgie found a great owner as you are Lauren. You need to provide that budgie his own unique cage for non-flying Budgie so he can’t hurt himself. Food dishes on the ground and water. You need to be his eyes and his beak. All you can do is to be a great bird parent as you already be and spend so much time with him. Thank you for taking care of that little one 🧡