Mango’s first “Bath”

So my little sister she’s 9 knows nothing about budgies and want’s me to help after giving her all the advice possible. showing her videos ( we never got through the whole thing she called it boring ) so I gave up and said you’ll have a sad mad and a very unfriendly budgie. All she said was ” meh ” so I left her to it. [ mango’s first bath] Read mango’s first bath

We got mango after my budgie I got 2 weeks ago he was very lonely and my dad’s had birds before and I’m 12 and have been wanting a bird for nearly 2 years learning as much as I could about them before asking. Anyways his name is galacier they have become very close friends and obviously she’s constantly got mango out and if she takes mango out of the room they will call non stop I feel helpless knowing she will disobey anything I tell her.

Now to my point.

she took mango into the bathroom I didn’t know at the time as I was on the other side of the house ( also didn’t mention this earlier all this happened on Mangos THIRD DAY) but yeah she took mango into the bathroom around half an hour later she came to me and had a towel, I asked her why she had it then showed me a drenched shivering cold baby budgie. She said she gave mango a bath. [ budgie first bath ]

I mean little budgie she grabbed in her hands and was showing mango underwater and putting water on his head with her finger I stood there in disbelief and told her she shouldn’t have done that and if mangos not dried or at least heated he could die or he could still get very sick.

As soon as mango was dried and was no longer shivering she got mango out I don’t think I’ve ever seen galacier so chirpy all kinds of different noises their frightened chirp his call all of it is was so sad.

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