Intelligent Budgies and Poop Machines

Intelligent Budgies? Popularity can be estimated from the fact that budgies account for nearly 45% of all the pet birds in the United States. Here are a few facts about these little wonders

Talking ability

The most important quality of this bird is his talking ability. Budgies can develop extensive vocabularies and can learn rhymes and songs as well. The Guinness Record for having the largest vocabulary among the birds is held by a budgie named Puck with a count of 1,728 words memorized by him. Though it is tough to determine whether the budgie you are about to bring home will be able to memorize songs or not, you can be sure that he will do better than other birds. Another important fact is that they do not understand the meaning of the words they learn. They can only mimic something they have heard without actually processing the related meaning.

Frequent Droppings

Budgies do not have a bladder, so they don’t urinate. All the waste from their body is released from the same hole when they poop. The frequency of their excretions might range between 40 to 50 times a day. Due to their small size, they eliminate at such high frequency. They have a high metabolic rate which helps them digest their food faster. In other words, budgies normally poop once every 20 minutes.

Colorful budgies

In the wild, budgies are found only in their natural green color. But with the scientific technique of color mutation, budgies can now be found in almost all colors. All these color variations have been classified into two broad categories namely, yellow-based which is dominant and white-based which is recessive. Yellow-based category includes olive, light green, dark green, yellow among others. The white-based category contains cobalt, mauve, violet, sky blue and more. Budgies do not contain a red pigment, so you will never find a red one.

Special Eyes

Budgies have three eyelids but the third one is barely visible to us. It plays a special role in maintaining the budgie’s eye health. Its function includes providing lubrication to his eyes and keeping them clear of all the dirt and dust. In simple words, the cleanliness and moisturizing of the budgie’s eyes are performed by his third eyelid.


Intelligent Budgies

Parrots are proven to be the most intelligent of all bird species in the world. Budgies, specifically, are known to possess the intelligence equal to a seven-month-old human child. They can memorize both words and sounds. Their brains can pick abstract patterns from the words they hear. They can also learn some bird-tricks with the help of a repetition technique. You can teach them mathematics counting up to the count of three. Also, budgies can do some basic calculations involving these first three numbers. So, be careful if you promised them a treat of three fruits and are offering them just two now!


The list of surprising talents possessed by these beautiful little creatures is endless. It takes a large part of our life to know them inside-out.


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