They learn certain behaviors and responsiveness, so biting is a learned phenomenon. Change the boredom situation, and your Budgie will stop biting you.

Budgie is a short name for Budgerigar which is a breed of parrots. These parrots are mostly loving, gentle, and smart. They are also very inexpensive as compared to other parrot breeds that’s why they are considered common pets and people adopt them widely. Budgies naturally can adapt to harsh climates. Budgies can also mimic small phrases, and if they are well trained, then they can repeat the complex sentences too. They come in various colors and are great pets. Despite having all these fun characteristics, they can still hurt you when they get aggressive by biting, which is entirely normal. You have to do specific steps to stop the biting phenomena in budgies, and then you are all good.

The reasons why Budgies bite

To eliminate the biting response in budgies, we first need to find out the reasons that can provoke these cute birds to bite. Although the biting is nothing too severe and can be because of short-term mood changes, you can still control it by knowing the reason behind it.

Everything is new for your budgie

Consider your Budgie as a new friend who is scared, fearful, and doubtful, mainly because everything is new for him. And this friend bites when he is worried. Now in that scenario, you can make the bird as comfortable as you can by being gentle. Never lose your cool in front of the Budgie. Birds and animals do not forget your nature once they see it. So be remarkably delicate and kind. If your Budgie doesn’t want to interact with you, that’s completely fine. Give your bird some time to settle and after one or two days trying to play with him again. Otherwise, it won’t stop biting.

Boredom can push them

They say pets are like children, so you need to give them proper attention, love, and care; otherwise, they do not get comfortable with you or like you.
Just imagine that you have pet a budgie and the poor bird is always alone. You do not talk to your budgie or play with him because you’re genuinely busy. So, the bird becomes annoyed and bored. You have to take out some time of your day to feed your Budgie yourself or play with him, and it will surely change the boredom situation, and your Budgie will stop biting you.

Tired budgies are biting budgies

When you go overboard with playing or try to set the routine of your Budgie according to your time, then it will be quite a problem. Budgies, like all other living organisms, get tired and sleep, and You can’t just come home and wake them up and start playing with them. And even if you want to change their routine, do it slowly. Give the bird some time to adjust and then play with him. You can also reward your Budgie for not biting.

Budgies Love playing with hand

Find a mating partner for your budgie

Budgies do need a mating partner like all living organisms; otherwise, the sexual tension keeps on building up in them. And then they try to bite you because you are not giving them what they want. Some budgies get so possessive of their owners that they start biting everyone, the owner, and the people who talk or spend time with their owners. All your Budgie wants from you at that mating stage is attention and extra care. And if the concentration divides, they are the first to sense it. So, an excellent suggestion is that find your bird a mating partner so that he can release the sexual energy.

Budgies are frustrated

There are days when you are busy with the office or some other work, and you stop paying attention to the bird. And when you continue to ignore and avoid unintentionally, it will bite whenever you go near. Budgies have emotions as well, and they can’t express them like humans. They only convey their messages through learned behavior. If biting is the behavior, then they are going to bite you to tell that they are frustrated. Budgies also get frustrated when the food you are giving them is not right. So, take care of their diet as well.

Budgies are playing

Birds and animals learn certain behaviors and responsiveness, so biting is a learned phenomenon by them overtime. They are not going to bite you all the time. But initially when they start it, and you ignore it with a smile, act a little kind, and start playing with your budgie then, your pet will think of biting a means to get you to play with him. And you are not allowed to yell at them; instead, you need to stop playing when your budgie bites you. Try to make the bird realize that biting makes you annoyed. And if you are playing with your budgie and he bites you then stop playing with him, that will give him an idea about the severity of a bite, and that is how you can control the biting.

How to stop the biting reaction in a Budgie

Now that we have discusses all the possible reasons that can lead your pet bird to bite you, we need to discuss further all the possible ways to stop the biting reaction in your budgies.

Try to develop a bond

Budgies have anxiety issues, and it gets worse when the pet owners don’t realize that. And biting is so often is an outcome of that anxiety. So, be easy on budgies and give them the time to adjust to your home, and do not make them play with you when they don’t want to. It will only frustrate them if you do that. And that‘s not going to help with their anxiety and biting mechanism. Most of the time, when you adopt pets, it takes a minimum of 4-5 weeks for them to adjust. At least give them that period. Try to make a friendly bond with them and let them come to you instead of you grabbing them to yourself by force.


Love and Care

You must have heard that love is the solution to every problem. In Budgie’s case, it is true. You can give them calming massages and train them not to bite you while doing that. You will have to provide extra affection if you are a parent of a single budgie or if there is no one else in your house. If you are living with your family, then little attention from all of you will make the day of your little Budgie; otherwise, you will have to do it all on your own.

Bring them toys

Budgies love playing with toys. Try to surprise them with a new toy every month. And you will be able to see the excitement and happiness on their faces whenever they get it. They will be hyperactive that day and will be extra nice to you. You can also give them some sweets as a treat. When you make them happy like that, they will appreciate it a lot and eventually stop biting you.

Adopt another budgie for the company

Sometimes no matter how good of a pet parent you are, your pets don’t feel complete. To fill that missing space, you can adopt another budgie. If you have a female budgie, you can adopt a male and vice versa. That will increase your responsibility, but it will cut you some slack as well. It will resolve the mating issue, and your budgie will no longer bite you as well as you won’t be worried when you leave for work because the other budgie will give your budgie great company.

Work on their diet and cleanliness

When we come home from work, we want a clean sofa to relax on, and we need a clean bed to sleep in. We also need healthy and delicious food. If our sleep cycle is disturbed when we don’t meet our nutritional needs, then we get annoyed and irritated. Our hormones get imbalanced because of improper diet. So, the same is the case with budgies or any other living organism in the world. You need to maintain a peaceful and clean environment for your budgie. If you have a cage where you put your budgie, then you need to clean it properly at least once a day. You also need to take care of what you are putting inside their stomachs. Because you are responsible for their nutritional needs, otherwise, they will get frustrated, and irritated and as a response, they will bite.

Visit a vet

If your budgie doesn’t stop biting even after doing all of the steps as mentioned above earlier, then you need to go to a vet. It is a possibility that something is going inside their bodies and that is why they are reacting this way. So, first, try to handle the biting on your own as it is the most common response in budges but if you feel the need to go to a vet then you must. But going to the vet only because your budgie bites you, is not necessary.


Don’t handle the bites that way.

Remember one thing before adopting a pet that is not going to be that easy all the time. There are going to be days when you, and your pet is like best buddies and there are also going to be days when you want entirely to ignore them. And that is not because your pet is annoying you all the time it can be the other way around. So be very careful with your reactions and responsive approaches to when a budgie bites you.

Do not scold you budgie.

Most of us have a built-in mechanism of yelling as a response to anything unexpected or slightly uncomfortable. Please do not shout at your budgie when the budgie bite you because you will never be able to create a friendly bond with him that way. Animals and birds get scared and enraged quickly, so do not ever mistreat them. Your budgie otherwise will have trust issues with you. So, stay poised and affectionate even if your budgie bites you. Because you neither want to scare your pet nor you want to make him bite you often.

Do not punish them.

Punishing your Budgie by pushing them, grabbing them in a way that hurts them, or torturing them with some object is ethically and morally wrong on so many levels. When babies cry whenever they need something, we do not hurt them by hitting. Instead, we give them extra care and attention. Think of biting the same as crying. Budgies bite when they need something or when they are trying to tell you what they want. They can’t speak like you or tell you the issues they are facing so please be easy on them.

Please do not ignore them.

Another wrong approach is ignoring your budgie to the point where they get physically sick. Do not adopt a pet if you are too scared to have one or if you have no time to play with them because it is not healthy at all. If you are genuinely busy, then you can give them to your close relatives or friends for some time that will change the environment of your budgie and will provide you some time to focus on your work. And when your job ends, you can bring them back home.

Conclusion Show your budgie with some extra love

Biting is a common phenomenon, and it does not stay forever, but if you are still worried about it, you can go to a veterinary doctor with your budgie. Having a pet is no different from adopting a child. So, you need to take extra care of their diet, their hygiene, and their body language because they cannot do it themselves. Show your budgie with some extra love and affection so that can trust you and develop a bond with you. Once you create that bond and friendship between your budgie and you, everything will go smoothly. So, if you are thinking of becoming a parent to a budgie, then go ahead. Because



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  1. your tips are helpful but i cant tame my budgie she is scared of everything and
    i tried everything i think it is because i she is to old

  2. your tips are helpful but i cant tame my budgie she is scared of everything and
    i tried everything i think it is because i she is to old can you reply

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