How to Regain Trust of a Budgie after you lost once

No matter how many videos or articles I made on this topic there will be always one question, How to tame a Budgie & Regain Trust after you lost once? Well, look no more, this is the complete guide on how to gain your Budgie trust

Budgies are the cutest hand-on pets you can keep at home. These unique species in the family of parrots are amazing. Having them provides a warm atmosphere to the owner. They offer great entertainment and can act friendly if you know how to handle them correctly.

Budgies are the most kept pet bird in the world. They are easy to keep since they can take care of themselves if provided with enough feeding. Are you a budgie owner or a budgie fan? This article is ideally meant for you. It’ll give well-depth details about budgie and how you can maintain the trust even after messing up.

Knowing the qualities of budgies

Understanding the charisma of budgies will make your keeping stress-free and fun. Learn how they behave and ensure you are supporting their character.

They are less demanding and brilliant creatures. Research says they are the most intelligent members of the family of birds. They are capable of memorizing and imitating sounds, including man’s uttering. It’s incredible how they lie low at first but uncover their real self after getting comfortable with you. Meaning they can be the friendliest character and Centre of attraction in your home if you allow them to. Soon they’ll be feeding on your hand and consider you as their favorite buddy to use while having indoor adventures in your home.

Nibbler and Cookie

Budgies can learn tricks, making it easy for them to adapt new environment. They can befriend humans, solve a puzzle, or skateboard. Playing and exploring is their favorite hobby. So, you should never take away these two enjoyable activities from them. Otherwise, they’ll end up hating you.

Budgies love moving in groups of around three to eighteen. Petting one budgie is hard unless you are ready to be an all-time companion. It’s wise to keep a pair if you want an exciting experience.

How to know if your budgie likes and trusts you

It’s essential to know how to tell if a pet likes you or not. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to know when it doesn’t trust you anymore. Here are the ways you can tell if the bird is fond of you:

Cuddles with you- cuddling is the primary signal that a parakeet likes your company. If it perches on your hand, climbs on your body, or rubs against your neck, it’s guaranteed that the bird is safe around you.
Check your pet’s wings- Most birds use their wings as a body language, and Burgie does it. If it flaps its wings while you are in hold of it, then your relationship is healthy. The wing flapping indicates the bird is happy around you.

How to Regain Trust of a Budgie after you lost once

Look at its tail- When a Burgie wags his tail, it means he is happy to see you. But sometimes it’s a sign he wants to release himself. The flipping of the tail upwards and downwards clearly shows they are enjoying the moment with you.

Observe the body position- The way a Burgie behaves around you

communicates how he feels about you. He should look relaxed and excited. Anything far from that shows he is unhappy with you.

Bird’s beak and head movement

Birds use the beak to communicate. Grinding the beak sideways is a sign of happiness. It also pins eyes, makes head hobs, and regurgitate to symbolize easiness. Another trick is when it makes mouthing with its beak, that’s a sign of affection.

Talking, singing, whistling

If your pet does any of these when you walk into the room, then it’s evident, he enjoys being around you. It’s an indication of contentment.


When a parakeet tongue-click, it means he likes you and wants to interact more with you.

How to make a Budgie trust you

Start by showing your bird, you are friendly and pet-safe. Speak to the parakeet often and use soothing and soft pitch.

Allow him to eat and play outside the cage and encourage him to be comfortable with you. Over time the bird will feel at ease next to you, and he will reciprocate the affection.

How Do You Regain A Budgie’s Trust?

Identify what broke the trust

The first thing is to recognize what you did that made him feel unsafe with you. Did you grab him forcefully? Did you use a harsh tone on him? Did you neglect him? Having an answer to these questions will help you correct your mistake.

Make him feel secure

Now you know why he isn’t happy with you. The next thing is to kill that mistrust. Begin with sitting next to his cage quietly, you can sing or talk to him calmly for about fifteen minutes. Don’t touch him, let your hands rest on the cage to give him an assurance that your hands are harmless. After some days, let your hand inside the cage as you are talking. But don’t make sudden moves. After two weeks, move your hand slowly and touch him gently to create a bond. Eventually, the relationship will come back to normal.

Avoid making him upset

Don’t give your pet any reason to question his trust for you. Never again make him angry or feeling insecure.

How should you treat a budgie?

Budgie is the most comfortable pet to keep yet can be the most complicated bird to have around. The way you treat this bird is critical. Similar to other pets, you need to maintain a good bond between you and the budgie. This way, it’ll trust you and offer a genuine friendship that won’t easily break even after you ruin it.

Engaging the bird is equally vital in its upbringing. Try to make it active and lively. Teach it how to talk or cramming certain sounds. This may take time but will have satisfying results in the long run.

Include it in budgerigar shows and allow him to move around freely. Preferably keep him on the outside other than in the indoor cage. Naturally, budgies crave for the company. Therefore, giving him a partner will do good for his mental relaxation. But you don’t have to frustrate yourself, you or your kid can be the friend he needs.

How do you learn the budgie’s response?

You need to know how your budgie behaves. This will help you to know when and not you are in good terms with it. It’s noticeable when a budgie is paying attention to you. It will roost close to you and concentrate on your mouth. Many of the times, its pupil will dilate in concentration. Sometimes if it sits and chatters quietly, then that’s a sign it’s listening. To confirm its paying attention to you, try out some words and see if he stops chattering and looks at you. Failure to that indicates he was not keen on what you were saying to him.

Keep your budgie happy

No matter the situation you and your budgie are in, keeping it happy rubs off the bad blood between you two. The most effective way of bettering the relationship is to make him happy and comfortable at all times. How do you do that?

Work on his cage

Make the cage suitably sized. Alternatively, use an enclosed aviary. The cage must be well designed, clean at all times, and comfy to stay in.
Accept there’ll be messy moments in the cage resulting from the seed husks after feeding and scatters of molted feathers.

Perfect diet

Feed him a well-balanced diet each day. Give him fresh seeds and yummy food like millet.

Water providence

Provide him with fresh and clean water. Bath him regularly and play with him while doing so. This way, a bond will be recreated, and with time he’ll get comfortable with you.

Add cage accessories

Equip his cage with accessories that support his freedom while being closed in the cage. Have something for him to chew-balsa wood suites best. Install perches, cuttlefish bone, mineral block, bell, and swing. Also, have budgie toys and swap them regularly so that he doesn’t get bored.

Offer a stress-free environment

There should be no predators around or anything that will scare him off. Avoid all-night lights as they’ll make him uncomfortable at night. Make sure no unnecessary things that will hinder his movement are kept in his cage.


Give him company. Look for another budgie or make yourself his favorite buddy. You can put a mirror next to his cage to act as a friend and keep him busy when you are not around him.

Listening how I talk


Birds love freedom, they want to fly around. Space should allow it to fly around, he should not feel like an unloved prisoner.

Don’t be so harsh on him

Expect irritating noise. All parrots are noisy, and budgies are no different. It’s a relief if yours is the kind that is gentle and only twitters musically. Still, squawks are unavoidable, especially females have a more irritating tone. So, try to keep calm when the sounds get too annoying and intolerable.

Placing the cage at the right place does wonders

Be sure of getting strange responses from your budgie once the trust is broken. Definitely, you wouldn’t want to worsen the situation at hand by adding torture to it. The fact that doesn’t trust you means it’s lonely and insecure. Therefore, ensure the cage is in a secure place. Here are the tips regarding the positioning of the cage:

  • The cage should be at head height, any lower height will make the bird feel insecure about the person looming over it. The position should be ideal, not too high, or out of sight. You don’t want your bird to feel out of place, far from the human environment.
  • Make sure one part of the cage faces the wall so that it has somewhere to look at in case something scares him off or during his low moments. He needs a quiet corner to calm him down.
    Windows are not ideal. The Burgie can overheat when the sun is too hot. Also, keep it far from the front and back doors to protect it from knockdowns.
  • Keep it away from rooms where sprays are sprayed: bathroom and bedrooms. These toxic substances can kill them.
    Don’t keep him in the kitchen. Steam will cause them distress, making him feel worse. Smoke, too, imposes danger to his life.
  • Make the room budgie-proof. Switch off appliances that are life-threatening to it. Remove fragile items that may cause it to fall or get hurt. Cover the fireplace to protect the Burgie while he is free-flying in the room. Remove other pets in the house while the free-flight is happening. This is to ensure the other animals don’t attack him in any way.
  • Do you smoke or have anyone in your home who does it? Then stop. Smoke from cigarettes causes discomfort to budgies and can kill them.

How to Maintain Trust Once You Regain It

Take advantage of baths

Most, if not all, budgies love to bathe. It helps them cool off and clear dust from their feathers. The bathing session is an excellent opportunity to rekindle with your bird. Be gentle, try to play with him, and slowly he’ll start to feel comfortable with you. There is no fixed number of times a budgie should take a bath. Study your bird and learn how often he plays with the water meant for him to drink. This will give you a clue when he wants to take his bath.

Budgie toys

Budgie loves toys. Provide your bird with playthings that fill him fun, mental stimulation, and exercise opportunities. Play with him, and eventually, he’ll trust you more.

How to tame a budgie with Budgie treats

Treats are a fantastic way to trick your pet into loving you back. Give him gifts like seed bells and seed bars. It might take time, but it’ll definitely learn to trust you without having any doubts.

The Bottom Line

Budgies are fantastic pets to keep. Naturally, they fear humans. Therefore, it’s your job to work on your relationship and make him trust you. Always be friendly to him and make sure you turn things around immediately; you realize he is unsafe with you! Winning his trust will make him an all-time here-for-you companion that you’ll never lose.


We are here bringing you all you need to know when it comes to proper Budgie or Parakeet care! The budgerigar is a surprisingly interesting and complex creature with an interesting history. Anyone willing to learn about these little birds and their care should be able to bring one home and have several years of companionship with their new pet. We are dedicated to showing the world the joys of keeping healthy Budgies or Parakeets. My Channel is not just about all kinds of Budgie videos, it’s also about building a community and keeping our love for Budgies/Parakeets alive! 💖 Click here to SUBSCRIBE:

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  1. Hi! Please i have very specific problem with Budgie. If u know how to solve it, you are a true king. I have 2 budgies. If they are hungry they will fly to my hand to check if there is any food. If there is not, they’ll fly away. If they are not not hungry, then they are really scared from my hand. I cant even get close to them if my hand doesn’t have any food. How do i solve this?

  2. I have two female budgies, star the albino we got 5 months ago and breeze the blue and white one we got 2 months ago. They are still scared of me and only like it if a have millet, every friday, saturday, and sunday we let them out most of the day, is there something i can do to make them not fly away from me when i enter the room? i was also wondering if it is okay to hold them and look at them kindly until they feel like hey trust me? Thank you so much.

  3. Hi, I have budgie named Bennie Boo, I got him a year ago. I did all of things to keep your new budgie comfortable. I let him rest for 2 days. got him before Christmas so we had our Christmas tree up and he flew into it and my mom had to grab him. I put him back in his cage,I played with him the next day but he was still scared of me.I played with him.I’d all the things to keep him happy. Then one day he wouldn’t step up onto my hand, I asked my mom for help and she chased him around his cage, she finally got him but he was all sacred so he didn’t play for long.He would play with me but he was still scared.

    I put him back in his cage. I tried again the next day he wouldn’t let me get him out. So… I gave up and I never got him out of the cage again.

    Have have baby siblings so we he sing it’s loud, and one time he woke my baby sibling up and my mom got mad so I snap my fingers at him while he was singing, so now he is afraid of my hands.
    One time he was hurt and my mom had to get him out, but since I had lost his trust it was very hard to check on him while his foot was hurt!

    Now I feel like he hates me
    I want to gain that trust and bonding back!
    Please help!

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