Budgies and Lemon as Medicine

Budgies and Lemon as Medicine can help you with some health problems in budgies. Lemon can be dangerous to Budgies’ health but in the right concentration …

If you are the owner of these beautiful birds, you need to know which food is healthy and which is potentially dangerous to their health. When it comes to lemon, people often feel that it should not be given to birds because it has a really strong citric acid that can affect organs and tissues, corroding them.

However, of course, it all depends on the concentration and amount of lemon juice you give to your budgies. An excessive amount of lemon is also harmful to humans and can have harmful effects on humans. When you consume something you need to know to what extent you need to take it.

Lemon is a fruit that belongs to the family Rutaceae and the genus Citrus. It is known for a number of its medicinal and antimicrobial properties. Even before the advent of modern pharmacology, this fruit was used as a medicine. It was an excellent remedy for healing wounds and injuries, and it was excellent in stopping bleeding and cleaning festering wounds.

In Sicily, which used to have huge problems with drinking water, pieces of lemon were always placed in drinking water supplies. People have long known that lemon plays an essential role in cleansing and disinfecting water. A few years later, modern science confirmed this.

Lemon contains many vitamins: vitamin C, A, B1, B6, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, folic acid, and so on. It has a very beneficial effect in the treatment of bacterial infections, participates in the better work of the bile and other organs of the gastrointestinal tract, neutralizes toxic substances, facilitates digestion, and participates in the breakdown of fats.
The largest producers of lemons in the world are Mexico and India.

People often think that it should not be given to birds because it has a really strong citric acid

Is lemon good for budgie?

If you are still wondering if your budgies are allowed to consume lemon, we will try to resolve your doubts.

Yes, lemon can be dangerous to health, if given in very high concentrations, precisely because of citric acid, which is itself chemically strong.

However, when given in normal concentrations, lemon can be very healthy and useful, carrying many antibacterial and medically acceptable properties. Primarily because it is a carrier of these properties, it contains several very useful ingredients, elements, ions, and vitamins, which are great for maintaining homeostasis and the immune system. It does not lose its properties when diluted in water, which is one of the great ways to give it to birds.

Lemon does not lose its properties when diluted in water

So when you can, squeeze a teaspoon, up to two, of lemon juice into the water of your budgie. The recommendation is that you can do this, once or twice a week. It is great for cleansing the gastrointestinal tract, but you must be careful not to overdo it, as high concentrations of lemon juice can lead to digestive problems.

Although it is a very acidic fruit, lemon works great against alkaline infections, which are very toxic and can lead to serious symptoms in your budgie, and even lethal outcomes. The most common type of infection is fungal. In addition, the key ingredient in lemon is ascorbic acid or otherwise called vitamin C, which is great for maintaining the immune system, especially during periods when colds occur.

Lemon also stimulates the growth of normal microflora in your intestines, allowing good bacteria to multiply in the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in excellent digestion.

However, you need to be careful in what concentrations you give lemon juice to your bird, the best solution is to dilute it in a certain volume of water, depending on how much water you give your budgie. Excessive concentration of lemon juice can create a fungal infection, although otherwise lemon juice is excellent in treating the same.

Modern science has proven that lemon peel is excellent in the treatment of cancer.

Be careful in what concentrations you give lemon juice to your bird

One of the great ingredients is lemon essential oil. Each essential oil has soothing and relaxing properties. It also helps in normalized hormone secretion and glandular function. It is also great to increase food intake if your bird has lost its appetite.
Since it calms the budgie, it is very good at reducing the production of inarticulate sounds in birds, but it is also great if your budgie has lost a friend, to calm down.

However, what is very important to know is that otherwise, all essential oils are toxic, although they are beneficial and healthy. But, only when in a specific volume of water, only ONE drop of essential oil poured. Everything else is very, very, harmful to your bird, not only to the bird but to the man himself.

Can budgies drink lemon water?

As already mentioned, yes, they can drink lemon water. But, there is always one but, lemon juice must be in normal concentration, anything above normal values can have very harmful properties for your bird. Citric acid has strong properties in the sense that it negatively affects the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, corroding them, which can have huge health problems.
However, if you take a teaspoon or two of lemon juice once a week, even twice, and dilute them in water, it can be very healthy for your budgies. Primarily because water is an excellent solvent, and diluted lemon juice will immediately have milder properties because the strength of citric acid is mitigated by the addition of water.

By adding water, lemon will not lose its antimicrobial properties, but it will remain the same as the number of vitamins that this fruit possesses.

Lemon against alkaline infections, the most common being yeast infection in budgies

Budgies and Lemon as Medicine can help you with some health problems in budgies. Lemon can be dangerous but in the right concentration...

The most common fungus that your birds can infect is Candida albicans, it is normally found in their environment, but it can infect the digestive tract and have certain consequences for your bird. Infection with this fungus can spread in a variety of ways, most commonly when the mother feeds her cubs, then through a contaminated area and water, and manual feeding formulas.

Candida is normally a normal digestive tract of birds, however, when this homeostatic balance is disturbed, and the number of these fungi in the digestive tract increases, then health problems can arise. This fungus grows great in areas that have high concentrations of sugar, so if your bird is infected with Candid, do not give it overly sweet food. Excessive stress, antibiotic use, and poor environmental conditions can lead to secondary candidiasis.

When Candida is diagnosed, then you need to act quickly in the treatment process with an agent that has antifungal properties.
It is important to provide the bird with a clean environment where it lives most of the time, food, and water. You can keep the water clean and disinfected via lemon juice, in very small concentrations. If your bird is diagnosed with candidiasis you need to listen to absolutely all the recommendations in the treatment process from your veterinarian.

Budgies and Lemon as Medicine can help you with some health problems in budgies. Lemon can be dangerous but in the right concentration...
Lemon against alkaline infections, the most common being yeast infection in budgies

Here are some of the most significant and visible symptoms that your bird shows when it has candidiasis. The most common symptoms are lethargy or excessive fatigue, then bloated feathers, loss of appetite, vomiting, and an unusual appearance of feces.

Since these symptoms are characteristic of other types of disease, certain tests for candidiasis must be performed to prove that candida is present in your bird’s body. Two tests are usually done, a sample of your bird’s mucosa or feces is taken, fungi are grown if they are present in the culture, or a microscopic analysis is done.

However, the veterinarian must first examine the owner to see if the bird has used certain bakery products that may contain ordinary brewer’s yeast, which under the microscope is very similar to candida because they are very similar to fungi. If the bird ate bakery products, it is most often brewer’s yeast that has multiplied in the digestive tract and creates certain disorders, so this type of food needs to be eliminated from the diet.

Budgies and Lemon to treatment in winter

Oh yes, it is great to use lemon juice diluted in water, in the prevention of flu or colds. Especially in the winter, when colds are seasonally very common, due to the reduced temperatures to which the body gets used. if you would boost your bird’s immunity feel free to use a little lemon juice. It also contains all the vitamins that strengthen the immune system, especially vitamin C which is most abundant in lemon.

In conclusion, we can say that lemon is a medicinal fruit, primarily because it contains all the essential nutrients that are essential for birds to function normally and strengthen their immunity. Immunity is essential in the treatment of microbial infections.
If your bird’s immunity is not strong, he will not be able to fight the disease and the bird will unfortunately die. So do your best to strengthen the bird’s immunity, whether you use lemon juice once a week or some other nutrients. Just provide your bird with everything it needs, especially during periods when seasonal flu is very prevalent.

As said, lemon is excellent in the treatment of fungal infections or the normal functioning of the digestive system.
The most important thing is not to overdo anything, but to give everything you give to your birds in normal concentrations, which are not harmful to your wonderful pets.


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