Budgie scared, Why is Your Budgie scared of you?

Is your Budgie scared of you? In this article, we are going to talk about one of the most sought after topics. First, you want to buy a budgie, to bring him home and adopt him. After that, you get to know him, in your head, there are many questions about him, about his behavior, during his life you may find that your budgie is afraid of you and now we are going to talk about it.

Why is my budgie afraid of me?

Remember that you can not expect your budgie bond with you immediately because they are afraid of something unknown. Just imagine some enormous creature put the hand through your door and scoop you up. This can be very frightening even for you, so understand your budgie and so be careful, be patient, so your budgie can come to know you well, and know that you mean well.
Because of those reasons don’t be upset if your budgie doesn’t have good interaction with you at first. He won’t be able to form an immediate bond with you. You are way bigger than your budgie is, and until he gets to know you well it is understandable that he is going to be a little bit timid about interacting with you.

Patience is the key, so slow and steady will win this race!

Well when we mention this topic, we can say that it could be a little difficult to say what your budgie is feeling. It exactly the same with people, when you cant tell is someone angry, sad, disappointed, or scared. This becomes really difficult especially if you are a new parent to your budgie and if you haven’t had before any pet. 

But always there is help for you and we are going to tell you what to do and how to recognize your bird’s emotions. There are some physical tells that will help you to discover is your bird scared or anxious, especially if your home is a new environment for them. This can be the same even they are with you for years, but that is their instinct as prey animals. When you achieve that moment when you will be able to tell is your bird afraid, you will be the happiest person out there because you will know how to react. You will know when to back off and when they will need a little bit of space for themselves. And just one thing keep in mind: “Taming is not a sprint, it is a marathon!” 

Determining budgie fears

Tell us, are you facing a scared budgie? If the answer is yes, you will definitely want to find a reason and relieve your budgie from any fear he has. But first, you have to observe your budgie and to learn how to identify these behaviors. In this way, you can correct them and help with your budgie with his health.

Budgie scared, Why is Your Budgie scared of you?

Flying like crazy around their cage

For the first few times, these situations will be totally normal. When you put your hand in the cage your budgie will see you and your hand as a terrifying predator, so be ready. If this happens, our advice for you is to go to the cage only when it’s necessary and for essential maintenance. Otherwise, spend a lot of time, so the bird can get used to your hand. Work on showing your hand from the other side of the bars. Let your little buddy judge it from a secured distance, and try not to move your hand. You can offer millet through the cage bars only in case when you will be sure that little budgie won’t be terrified because of your hand. 


Panting can be another sign to know that your parakeet is scared. This will probably happen when your bird comes home for the first time. A panting bird will breathe with slight beak open. DO NOT think they are trying to speak or tell you something. The sound doesn’t come out and that means they are frightened. If your bird is decreased and if he pants when he is around you, or just out of the cage, the best option would be to bring them back to the safety zone. 

Fear poops

Well, you have to remember this precisely! Firstly you have to know that fear poop is a watery poop that doesn’t have another story behind like eating a lot of veggies, being ill, or just having a bath. It is very easy to ascertain the cause of because when you disturb your budgie, or you stop their afternoon nap, he will poop right away. That watery poop will happen once or twice in a row, and after that, normal, healthy poop will resume. So don’t worry too much, but be aware of every single moment during your bird’s lifetime. 

Very sleek feathers and wide eyes

When your budgie startles something all feathers will get very, very flat. He will also stand up at attention with eyes wide open. Your little buddy probably has that fear spot in a cage, and he will stay there until that danger passes. Be conscious that you will never, but never be a hundred percent sure what is wrong with your budgie, and what is the reason he got scared away, but that is the same with every single one being. The reasons can be different, because of different situations. It can be when he hears outdoors through a window, sometimes it can be cor on the vacuum, sometimes you can appear unexpected and he can really freak out. 

So if you are trying to find some reasons and signs of fear, try to observe your bird. You can at least know when something has already scared them. In that case, you will be able to help him to go back to the cage or to eliminate anything that concerned them. 

Reasons for Budgie Fears

Do not be paranoic and don’t immediately assume that your budgie feels frightened because of you. Maybe you didn’t do anything and there lays totally another reason for it because some birds come from different backgrounds just like some abusive homes. On the other side, you can be the reason for example when you touch budgies cage, and that will be hard for you to clean the cage properly. 

Your budgie may be afraid because:

  • he is coming from an abusive home,
  • you have other pets in the home such as a cat or dog,
  • you made some changes in the cage,
  • your hands! not everyone likes them,
  • Earthquakes in your area,
  • different colors of your clothes,
  • and many others. 

Some of these may seem unusual for us, but they really, but really can affect how budgie feels.

For example, if you want to wear a new shirt around your budgie, its color can make him being scared. Our bird see every color as we do, but they also see UV colors, but about that, we are going to talk in another article, so stay tuned. 
Some colors are very bright for birds and they can get scared when you wear some bright colored clothes. 


Just like they are scary for humans, they are very scary for birds, too. 
Birds are extremely sensitive animals, so to quakes, they can badly react, with a scared behavior. Firstly, check your safety, your family’s safety, and then check your bird. Calm him down and verify if they get any injuries. 
Be gentle, and help your little budgie to his perch. 


We already sad many reasons for your hands, but here we give you one extra advice. You can help with reducing stress, or scariness by offering your bird some good treats by hand. In that way, you will get him to be relaxed. Little by little, everything will come in its place.

Other pets can be a big deal for your budgie. Especially predators.
So never leave your bird alone, or outside of his cage with a cat or a dog, because in that way little bird may think that he will be eaten by one of them.

Budgie ChallengeWorking with birds that are scared is a little bit challenging

Ways to cushion Budgie Fears

There are too many ways to help your budgie, so he can feel safe and be happy. Just think a little bit. Working with birds that are scared and frightened of something is a little bit challenging. But patience and empathy will require way too much for the small budgie bird, but only in that way, when you put your effort and your will into it, they will be happy. 

budgie scared
Working with birds that are scared is a little bit challenging

Esteem the Fear

Think… Is your budgie afraid of you and your hand if you scratch your head or your leg 4 or 5 feet away from the cage? If the answer is NO move on with trying. Take one or two steps forward and scratch your head. Esteem by standing or just sitting with your body turned away slightly. But remember, do not make direct eye contact

You can do this also while waring some sweater, but with the sleeves over your hands. In that way, you can see how far you can come to your budgie, without him showing any sign of fright. Do that until he is easygoing, with soft feathers and relaxed eyes.  

One more, work upon getting closer to him. At some point, you will reach the limit. Then, stand outside of the limit until he gets used to that, and then slowly move in. 

Desensitize your little buddy

Here is the tip on how to learn your budgie how to get used to your hands. Show your hands to your budgie for a very, very short part of the time during one day. Every time you do that, push it to the limit just a tiny bit. 
In this way, you will teach your bird that your hands are not some danger. Also, they will see and learn that sometimes these hands contain valuable stuff for them, just like veggies or their favorite treats. 

These moments are everything. Moments, where your bird is getting treats from your hands, will help you to get a good interaction between both of you. They occur more than other hand interaction, and in that way, fear will fly away from you. For now, until some time, clean the cage only when your hands are tucked away int a sweatshirt. 
After all, we know that you want your hands to be associated only with good things. 

Show your budgie how to step up

You can at present show a budgie bird who fears hands on the best way to step up. Put your hand, with the palm looking down, on a level surface, and afterward have them step onto the rear of the hand. Hold a treat over your hand to manage him.

When the budgie doesn’t spare a moment to step onto the rear of the hand, progressively transform the hand into an increasingly ordinary situation as the pet keeps on utilizing it to get to the ideal prize.
Do this over many months, and with enough persistence, you will have achievement.
We realize it is hard, however restraining a budgie takes persistence. Particularly, if you have a budgie that is effectively apprehensive.

Be Body Language Smart

Be certain you observe how your gentle budgie responds when you utilize your hands to do certain things. You may discover it isn’t simply the hands, however the hands’ activities that make your budgie bird apprehensive.

You must show restraint. Regard your budgie’s limits. Doing so will add to your relationship and he will come to confide in you – all things considered, you have a long time to become acquainted with and love each other. No compelling reason to surge.

Do Budgies Like to be Handled?

Budgies are on the little side and require littler pens. Budgies are entirely trainable winged creatures and can become hand restrained. On the off chance that you might want a small budgie bird that vocally connects with you and might want them to fly after you in the house, the budgie is an extraordinary decision for you.

Budgie scared, Why is Your Budgie scared of you

Do Budgies Like to Be Petted?

Is your Budgie scared of hands? Probably yes, most of them. Most budgies don’t prefer to be petted. Along these lines, don’t be apprehensive if your budgie blows a gasket a piece when he is dealt with or petted by another person. A few exemptions may happen, for example, when the budgie is explicitly excited. They at that point permit their mate to pet them-winged animals or even humans.

Do Budgies Need to be Covered at Night?

It is a smart thought to conceal your budgie’s pen each night. He should get enough rest so if your budgie rests after nightfall, spread the pen after dawn so he gets a lot of rest. Spread the pen additionally forestalls night alarms.


So, let’s sum up all of this right now. Budgies can be scared and can feel like they are in danger for too many reasons. The most often reason for them to be afraid of is your hands. They can cause many worries in budgies. As we said, they can see them as predators who invade their space. To sum up, they have a fear of something unknown. Because of that, patience, knowledge, and compassion will help you how to get close to your buddy and enjoy that great friendship for years, and years. 


Alen AxP is an experienced budgie owner who is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise on budgie care. Through their articles and resources, they provide valuable insights and practical tips on topics such as diet, housing, and health, to help other budgie owners create a happy and thriving environment for their feathered friends.

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  1. I have 2 budgies 1 budgie is friendly with me but my another budgie is scared of me i have that budgies for like 1 month is there any problem with my budgie

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