Budgie Safety First: How to Let Your Budgerigar Out of the Cage

A cage is to a bird, like a house is to a human; it is imperative for a Budgie safety. And when we are talking about the most famous pet bird in the world who happens to be quite small and sensitive, one mustn’t behave carelessly in selecting an appropriate cage for his little budgie. The budgie parents for whom their bird’s safety is paramount always learn the cage tips first as a part of their parenting lessons. Though not hard to remember but they are a must to be followed to keep the health of your budgie at its best.

Ensuring your Budgie safety outside the cage

Whereas ‘how to keep budgies happy and safe inside the cage’ has always been discussed a lot, keeping them safe while they are let out of it has hardly been in the focus. But now as more and more budgie parents are becoming hands-on parents, they want to stay as updated as possible about all the do’s and don’ts to adhere to while letting their little bird out of the cage for his daily me-time.

Safety from kitchen hazards

One thing common to all the kitchens in the world is the source of heat. If you love to let your budgie out while you do your household chores nearby, be sure that those chores do not involve the use of any heat source. You wouldn’t want to burn your bird with a hot stove-top.

Additionally, if you happen to be the one who uses non-stick cookware or Teflon-coated ware, you need to be a hyper parent if you love your little feather-fluff. Ever smelt those nasty fumes while you heat that ware? Those are extremely toxic for your bird. Forget about cooking in them while the bird is around, taking the little bird to the kitchen area while the fumes are still floating in the surrounded air can do much harm to his sensitive respiratory system.

Budgie Safety First: How to Let Your Budgerigar Out of the Cage
Fumes are extremely toxic

Keep him safe from strong smells

Strong smells aren’t taken well from sensitively immuned living beings like small children, elderly people, animals, and birds. Budgies’ internal system’s response to such smells is no exception. Nail paints or deodorant use must be avoided when your little birdie is around. Ventilate the room to let the fumes clear away before bringing him in that room. Also, be careful not to let him chew your nail polish off your nails.

Another strong smell your budgie might encounter is the smell his cage might radiate after you clean it every week. Knowingly unknowingly, we happen to use cleaning products that not only have toxins in them but have strong fragrances too. Switch bleaching and other scented cleaning products with more organic ones like vinegar or other bio-cleaners.

How To Let Your Budgerigar Out Of The Cage
Mr. Snowflake

Budgie safety from bathroom hazards

Bathing with your budgie is fun but you must be careful while exposing your little friend to your bathroom. These feathered creatures cannot swim their way out of sinks, buckets, flushes or washers. They will drown and become lifeless in no time. Be extra vigilant when you are spending quality time with your budgie in the bathroom.

Protecting him from fans

Ceiling fans, table fans, exhausts, and fans fitted inside air-coolers are dangerous for your budgie. These can kill the little bird in no time. You must not leave him open in places where fans are installed.

Closing all doors and windows

Budgies can escape out in the open through doors and windows. This will expose them to the dangers of the outside world which you never prepared them for. Keep all the doors and windows closed before letting your budgie out of his cage.

Budgie safety
Close all doors and windows

Keeping him away from electrical cords

Budgies don’t know what is chewable and what is harmful. Even if you teach them to be away from certain things, they will find new ones that can potentially be more dangerous. Never allow your pet bird to fly freely in a room with electrical cords at the display. Remove all the electrical items as they can be mistaken as toys by your budgie.

Never leave him alone with other pets

Leaving your budgie alone with other pets can be very dangerous. No matter how well your pets gel along, you shall never leave them together unsupervised. Leaving them alone even for 10 minutes might lead to never meeting your budgie again.

Useful Tips

  • Never consider sleeping with your feathered friend as you do with other bigger pets. These little creatures are very delicate and might not be able to take even a little pressure on your body at night. Even if you think you are a careful sleeper, do not put your budgie’s life at risk. You might suffocate them to death.
  • If you have furniture with retractable footrests in your home, you must remove it before allowing your budgie to come out of the cage. These little birdies love to hide in places not visible to anyone. Leaving your budgie open in such a case might lead to smashing him.
  • Birds get easily panicked in the dark Even at the slightest sound. It is, therefore, essential to provide them a safe and comfortable place at night for a sound sleep. Your budgie will feel secure in his cage while sleeping as he knows that no one can enter his space. So, ensure that you make your budgie sleep in his cage for his mental and physical well being.


Contrary to the usual practice of clipping your budgie’s wings while letting him out, we must focus on becoming a proactive parent. Avoid clipping your little bird’s wings if you don’t want to risk losing his trust. Caring for your baby bird is your responsibility. No doubt he feels safe inside his cage, he deserves some time outside the cage as well. Taking some precautions and being extra cautious will be helpful for you and your budgie. Also, never let him out alone while trying to busy yourself in your chores. Keeping a constant eye on him is the key to Budgie safety and longevity.


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