4 Week Old Budgie – Care, Feeding

4 Week Old Budgie, they look very small, they need active attention and care from you or their budgie mother. They are fragile birds.

If you have been growing budgies since their conception, you must know all the stages of their development.

This is essential because at different stages of life budgies behave differently. It is necessary to know how to feed them, how to give them water and how to satisfy all their needs. Budgies do not require much effort from breeders, they only need proper and suitable conditions. In domestic conditions, budgies are calm, quiet, resilient but also chattering birds.

In this case, we’re going to talk about a 4 Week Old Budgie.

What does a 4 Week Old Budgie look like?

In the fourth week of life, baby budgies start to develop flight feathers and they are called fledglings. As they begin to grow and develop at this stage, they have not reached their full size yet. Baby budgies have a range of parallel black lines starting from the front from the beak and spread over the whole head, towards the back. These lines look like tiger patterns. Also, they have bright, pink legs and that is one of the indicators of the age of the bird.

At this stage of their life baby budgies have completely black eyes and the pupils of the eyes cannot be seen. Budgies have sharp eyesight because when they are in nature they are often attacked by various predators and they also distinguish colors well, but the 4 Week Old Budgie is just starting to develop its eyesight.

The beak is pointed and curved and has multiple uses. The upper part of the beak covers the lower part and it helps budgies to peel the seeds effectively.

4 Week Old Budgie, they look very small, they need active attention and care from you or their budgie mother. They are just baby budgies
(Baby Budgie and Mother) Baby budgies have completely black eyes and the pupils of the eyes cannot be seen.

How to feed 4 Week Old Budgie and what do they eat?

A varied food that meets all the needs of the body is one of the basic conditions to healthy and long life budgie.
4 Week Old Budgie can be fed with the disposable syringe that you can get in most medical stores. With syringe feeding is much faster and less messy. But if it is impossible to find a syringe you can give them food with a plastic teaspoon. It might be messier but it is ultimately beneficial.

For feeding 4 Week Old Budgie you need baby bird formula that is available in most pet stores. To ensure the highest levels of hygiene, you have to use only boiled water to prepare the feed. After that, water has to be cooled before you give the food to the budgies. A formula shouldn’t be too thick because it will be really difficult for the baby to swallow it.

4 Week Old Budgie, they look very small, they need active attention and care from you or their budgie mother. They are just baby budgies
With syringe feeding is much faster and less messy.

When you feed 4 Week Old Budgie you have to put it in a comfortable position. Gently tap the bay bird’s beak with a syringe or tablespoon because budgie parents tap them on the beak to stimulate the feeding response. By doing that you are imitating budgie’s parents. Their parents also feed their babies by inserting their beaks in their mouth so you have to regurgitate the food deep into the baby’s beak. Budgie shouldn’t be fed too fast, you have to wait until the bite is swallowed.

The crop is a muscular pouch where budgies store the food, that hasn’t been eaten, for subsequent digestion. It usually empties within four hours. If it is constantly full it indicates that there is a problem. So if it is full for a long time pour a few drops of lukewarm water into the budgie’s beak and gently massage it and do not press it too hard. Never give budgie the food if there is leftover food in its crop.

For feeding 4 Week Old Budgie you need baby bird formula

By the end of the fourth-week budgies also start searching and trying new food and they trying to crack some seeds. That’s why it’s a great option to let them learn to eat on their own. So you can scatter some grain at the bottom of the cage and let them feed themselves. The amount of food can now be increased to 6 ml per feed and the density of feeds can be decreased to 2-3 feeds a day. Budgies do not have teeth, so they peel the seeds before they swallowed them and after that, they come to the stomach where they crumble with the help of the enzymes.

How to take care of your 4 Week Old Budgie?

Budgies are really neat birds. They preen their feathers with the beaks frequently. It is an essential way to keep their feathers trim. You can bathe them once a week, but for 4 Week Old Budgie, it is better to just spray them with some water, because in this phase of life they begin to develop the fathers so they cannot get too dirty. Hot water must never be used!

You can use spray misters or plant sprays for budgie babies. The mister has to be filled with warm water. When you are using spray misters, spray the water above the bird’s head so the spray can gently settle on the bird.

If you find your bird flapping its wings that usually indicates that budgie wants to bathe. If budgie puffs out its feathers and raises both of its wings you will know that your bird is enjoying the bath.

There must be almost complete peace in the space where baby budgies live

The temperature level in your home can also have an impact on your budgie. They like temperatures from 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 to 29 degrees Celsius. Since they are still babies ( 4 Week Old Budgie ) from 4 weeks of age, it is necessary to provide them with this optimal temperature for their growth and development, especially if they are not close to the mother.

Humidity levels have to be not too low and not too high because they not will be feeling good otherwise.

At this age, they learn to adapt to the conditions of the external environment, so both temperature and humidity must have constant parameters without serious variation.

There must be almost complete peace in the space where baby budgies live, especially when they are resting and sleeping. If there is too much noise, it can significantly affect them, because they have to adapt to the surrounding sounds over time. Everything else can cause stress to these babies. Putting them near a television or near a room where are your children is not good. So, if you want your budgies to sleep put them at a spot in your house where is a quiet and relaxing environment.

Budgies can be messy so you need to put a lot of work to clean their things up each day. Since they are still very young, you must maintain their hygiene at a high level, especially when their immunity is still very weak and developing. That is why it is important not to expose them to various microorganisms that are deposited by poor hygiene.

By violating their immunity, you are harming their health, which can lead to serious problems.

Keep their cage clean and tidy. It should be scrubbed down at least once a week and you have to use non-toxic soap and hot water. Budgie is immediately healthier if its home is cleaner.

At the age of 4 weeks, they look very small, but if you want to develop their abilities and teach them to be “active” birds, feel free to give them some toys. Even though they are still young, giving players helps you learn to play, which you will achieve over time. When they grow up it will be a pleasure for them and will make them happy. If your budgies are unhappy it can negatively impact their mental health.

4 Week Old Budgie, they look very small, they need active attention and care from you or their budgie mother. They are just baby budgies
Budgies are really neat birds.

These are very social birds.

So if you want them to be happy buy them a friend. It is even better if you do it while they are still small, so they will better adapt to society and learn to work together in pairs. This will bypass the potential disagreement that could arise if your “other” pet appears.

You must be the one to entertain your bird and play with it. At this age, it is better to adapt them to your hands and your presence. So budgies will not be afraid to be near you and every time you show up they will be very happy.

When budgie sits quietly with his feathers rumpled up and has green watery droppings it is probably got a chill. So it is very possible that its stomach is upset or it has diarrhea. So for that condition, you can use tablets Ridol or Klatin. Just crush them in a half container of water and mix that, then offer them to drink it. A bird will be better in two or three days. You can give the medicine for one more day to ensure complete healing. Be there for them every day and don’t hesitate to keep them as your pets as long as you have financial resources and free time.

If you pet your budgie properly, at this early phase of their life, soon you will have an adult, happy and lovely bird to play with.

Animals are like humans, they also have feelings and they can have a good bond with people. That is why by taking proper care of your pets, you are working on yourself and on making this world a better place.


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