1 Month Budgie growth stages | From Egg to Adult

These are 32-day growth stages of my first little Budgie. This is my first attempt at Breed Budgies. Only the female Budgie warms babies and just on the next day, it starts feeding them. On the day of hatching, they do not need any food – the yolk that is still in their abdominal cavity as reserve is enough. The male Budgie takes care of providing food – it often feeds the babies by pouring grounded food into their beaks.

Breeding budgie is a very interesting thing to do but some things as to be considered and put in place for successful breeding. If you want to learn more about Budgie breeding click here.

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Pets are the most loyal companions. They are with us through our thicks and thins. And when that pet is the most favored feathered pet in the world, budgie, chances are that he’ll still be with us at the end of two decades. Each pet can have a varied life span courtesy the combination of their genetic engineering and human care extended by the pet parent.

Parakeet Lifespan in the wild

When in the wild, a budgie’s life is not at all the protected one the way it is at our homes. He has to face all kinds of struggles like searching for food and water himself, protecting himself from predators and get cured naturally in case he falls sick or gets wounded accidentally. Due to all these hardships, he has been recorded to live for around 5 years when in the wild.

Parakeet Lifespan in captivity

With all the care and protection from their parents, budgies live longer in captivity than they do in the world. Many of the pet budgies have been recorded to live for 20 years while in captivity with great care. But the average age remains much below this and is around 8-10 years, accredited to improper care and neglect by the parents.

Budgerigar at the zoo

Factors that decide a Budgie’s Lifespan

With so much difference between the lifespan of budgie, while being in the wild and captivity, there surely must be some reasons. Many factors decide how much a budgie is going live.


The lineage of budgies is one of the most important factors deciding their age. For instance, English budgies also are popularly known as show budgies have a life-span of almost half than that of American budgies.

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