WHAT SCARE YOUR BUDGIE? Why is freaking out?


You often ask yourself what scare my Budgie? Why he is freaking out when he got everything he needs, but he is still under stress 🙁

Budgies are one of the most amazing creatures to keep as a pet. These birds are friendly, and their charming behavior can make you happy on your sad days. Some individuals consider pets as their best friends. For this reason, they share every good moment together. Be it taking a shower, watching movies, listening to music, or simply talking to their budgies. Having such a bond with your bird is important. It’ll make it easier for you to notice any odd reaction. For example, you’ll know when your bird is scared.

A scared bird is a stressful bird. It’s important to protect your budgie from anything that seems scary to it. So, what can scare your budgie?

Things that can make your budgie scared

New environment

Imagine you’re in a new environment that is different from your previous surrounding. It’s only natural to take time before getting comfortable; that’s the same case for pets. Bringing a new budgie to your home will need patience from you. It’ll take days or months for it to feel comfortable in your home. It’ll appear scared of everyone and everything in your place before it gets used to you and its new environment.

You often ask yourself what scare my Budgie? Why he is freaking out when he got everything he needs, but he is still under stress :(

Traumatizing past

Some cases involve a budgie being raised by abusive or ignorant owners. Some individuals purchase these innocent creatures, yet they don’t know how to treat them properly. The past experiences your bird had before coming into your home may affect it negatively. As a result, it’ll be scared of everything, including you. It’ll take effort and patience from you to help your bird overcome its traumatizing events. You’ll also need your vet’s guidance to help you heal your bird’s mental health.

Poor health conditions

Budgies can easily get malnourished or suffer from illnesses. Poor health will affect their abilities to adapt and their power to control stressful occasions. As a result, your budgie will be scared of everything because, at this period, it’s vulnerable and not feeling itself. Anything small, even quietly staring at it, may appear scary to your budgie.

You often ask yourself what scare my Budgie? Why he is freaking out when he got everything he needs, but he is still under stress :(
Budgies are afraid of Darkness


Budgies are emotional birds and can be easily frightened by darkness. Although it’s rare for budgies to fear dark because of poor night vision, they can get uncomfortable where there is no light. As such, any slight noise or undefined image can give your budgie a massive fear. It’ll show panic by jumping blindly around the cage and crashing into things. It may even hurt itself in this process.


As much as budgies enjoy playing with toys, some items you put in their cage may frighten them. You’ll need a series of trial and error to find the right toys for your budgies. Smell, noise produced, or reflective surfaces of the toys you put in the cage can affect your bird’s comfortability. Some toys may even be a reminder of bad memories your budgie wishes to forget. Budgies are sensitive. Give it time to relate to new playing items and try something else any time you observe its attitude seems negative.

Pets can scare your bird


If you have dogs and cats and you’re wondering why your budgie behaves differently in their presence, there is one explanation-its scared of them. Birds regard dogs and cats as predators. Your dog and cat may be friendly and nice to you, but not to your budgie. Prioritize your bird’s safety, and don’t leave it alone in other pets’ presence. If you notice another pet stares your bird, look for ways to distract the two pets.


A budgie enjoys perching on hands. However, at the beginning of its moments with you, it may fear your hands. Avoid putting your hand in its cage if you’ve not yet established a great bond with it. It’ll take periods of rejection before it finally gets comfortable to being held. If you have children in the house, make a rule about not touching your budgie or inserting items in its cage to prevent frightening your bird.

New visitors

Understandably, you may want the world to meet your new friend. But, is your bird ready to meet outsiders? You may need to hold your excitement for a while and not allow visitors to get close to your bird. New faces may scare it, and it wouldn’t be fair for your bird to be seeing unfamiliar people every day. If your visitors insist on saying hi to your cute bird, let them do it from far. The best alternative is to place your bird’s cage in a corner or anywhere far from the living room to limit contact with new people.

Vet visits

Meeting an avian veterinarian can be a terrifying experience for your bird. You’ll need to make handling feel comfortable and normal. Vet’s examinations involve your budgie’s toes being touched, wings lifted, neck touched, and many other uncomfortable acts. Help your bird get used to these acts by doing the same actions while at home. Once it’s used to being handled in different body parts, the vet’s examination will not be a problem anymore.

You often ask yourself what scare my Budgie? Why he is freaking out when he got everything he needs, but he is still under stress :(

Loud noises

Things like shouting, loud music, sudden noises from falling objects, earthquakes, or noisy celebrations like Halloween can be frightening to your bird. Ensure your budgie is not exposed to places with extreme noises. If it’s impossible to avoid a noisy environment, ensure you distract it when a loud event occurs.

Your change can scare

It’s possible to scare your budgie with a small change in your appearance. It could be changing your clothes, your hairstyle, or the tone of your voice. Make sure you don’t confuse your budgie with different dress codes and personalities. Try to maintain your behavior around it and stick to what your bird is used to.

Budgies can easily get intimidated. As a caring owner, you should protect it from an uncomfortable environment. Eliminate anything that seems frightening to it. Petting is a process. It may take time before you learn the scare points for your budgie. Our last word to you; be attentive to your bird and understand what makes it panic and uncomfortable. Knowing the source of fear will help you make your bird happy and feel safe.


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