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BE AWARE BUDGIES WILL CHEW and DESTROY ALL THE WOOD on the house 😀 This is just a fun project for wild birds as a bird feeder.

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Gone are the days when people used to stick to the societal rigid rules. With changing times, we all change. Just the way humans living ways have witnessed a change over the years, our furry and feathery friends have, too, made peace with dynamism. With pet cats moving on from sitting on a random couch to getting their personalized little huts, the most famous bird pets, parrots, have also come a long way from having a small round cage to a more elaborate one.

Budgies, the most famous bird pet, have always been showered with enormous love by one and all. Traditionally, staying in small cages, they earned their big cages and now, they don’t mind testing life in contemporary homes. These days, acrylic cages are rapidly replacing the old metal cages courtesy their many benefits to the little birdie.


Unlike metal cage welds and solders, acrylic has no toxic element used in manufacturing. As per recent reports, metal cages put the bird at risk of inhaling toxins from zinc or lead whereas acrylic itself is inert, which means it will pass from the bird’s system directly without harming him at all. Moreover, unlike metal cages, no chemicals are used in acrylic cages to put them together. Hence, zero or welding paint fumes. That is why fish live in the aquariums made from them unharmed.

Easy to Clean

Against the general perception, acrylic cages do not get dirty quickly. Rather the dirt gets easily exposed to them. Metal cages are great at hiding the debris and droppings by camouflaging all in its creases and finish. Acrylic just happens to expose the unhygienic surfaces. Just a regular wet wipe with soft water is enough to clean them as against using soaps and scrubs on metal.

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