How to Build Glass Bird Cage

After two Do it Yourself Bird Cage for Budgies, this third time is my biggest and hardest project to make, and I think it was worth it. I made spill-free bird Glass Cage, no more mess, more room. Everyone is happy!


Glass Birdcage for untamed or scared Budgies or any Birds, they can hurt himself when hitting it!

The second most important thing about Glass/Acrylic/Plexi cages is Ventilation. There must be enough holes or openings for ventilation, which can cause respiratory problems if not.

For my Glass Cage, they are all safe and I have no single problem with the safety of my birds. In summer maybe I will add more ventilation holes in the back.

After all, All I want is to my Budgies to be happy and healthy!

My last Budgie cage was Do it yourself Cage with Self-Adhesive Wallpaper. Watch here

Read How To Let Your Budgerigar Out Of The Cage

A cage is to a bird, like a house is to a human; it is imperative for a Budgie safety. And when we are talking about the most famous pet bird in the world who happens to be quite small and sensitive, one mustn’t behave carelessly in selecting an appropriate cage for his little budgie. The budgie parents for whom their bird’s safety is paramount always learn the cage tips first as a part of their parenting lessons. Though not hard to remember but they are a must to be followed to keep the health of your budgie at its best.

Ensuring your Budgies safety outside the cage

Whereas ‘how to keep budgies happy and safe inside the cage’ has always been discussed a lot, keeping them safe while they are let out of it has hardly been in the focus. But now as more and more budgie parents are becoming hands-on parents, they want to stay as updated as possible about all the do’s and don’ts to adhere to while letting their little bird out of the cage for his daily me-time.

Safety from kitchen hazards

One thing common to all the kitchens in the world is the source of heat. If you love to let your budgie out while you do your household chores nearby, be sure that those chores do not involve the use of any heat source. You wouldn’t want to burn your bird with a hot stove-top.

Additionally, if you happen to be the one who uses non-stick cookware or Teflon-coated ware, you need to be a hyper parent if you love your little feather-fluff. Ever smelt those nasty fumes while you heat that ware? Those are extremely toxic for your bird. Forget about cooking in them while the bird is around, taking the little bird to the kitchen area while the fumes are still floating in the surrounded air can do much harm to his sensitive respiratory system.

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