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Looking for Budgerigars care information or tips for caring parakeets? You have come to the right place…

Hi! My name is Alen as known as Alen AxP and I have years of experience raising and keeping Budgerigars/Parakeets and have put together my knowledge to share with you. I have a lot of information and recommendations on the care of Budgies, including food, housing – cages, training to talk, play games more on my exclusive YouTube Channel.


I have been involved with keeping and breeding Budgerigars. The first five years I only one budgie Cookie. In that time, I’ve gained a huge amount of knowledge about budgie care and training through a crucial learning process. Then, I have uploaded all my experiences to my YouTube channel because as a budgie enthusiast, it is my goal to see that everyone who owns or wants to own a budgie or parakeet knows how to properly care for them, so I’d like to share my knowledge with you. Trust me! You will find all the information related to parakeet care with live examples.

Alen AxP Budgie Community


I have established my YouTube channel Alen AxP in 2007 for fun because I love video editing and filming, but later when Cookie my first Budgie arrived he become my only one interest, then my channel become Budgerigar/Parakeet care only videos for budgerigar lovers and enthusiasts like myself to help others. I have tried to cover every single aspect of budgerigar and parakeet information which covers but not limited to following topics:

  • Budgerigar general care information
  • Exciting V-logs with my bird’s stories
  • How to information which includes: weight parrots, making bird accessories, perfect cage setup, exciting t-shirt designs, play with parrot & lots more.
  • Breeding & Feeding care with exclusive diet and nutrition plan
  • Do It Yourself
  • Budgie Training
  • Types of parrot
  • Health / Diseases
  • Home / Cage designs
  • Parrot / Budgie toys
  • Budgie Grooming
  • Q & A sessions
  • Exclusive product reviews or bird supplies


Actually, budgie care is one of the primary responsibilities of the owner, which requires a lot of time and dedication along with patience to handle these fragile species. So, if you are new to this then you should definitely subscribe to my channel and visit my site to understand budgie care.
Let’s discuss some advantages of my platforms which are:


  • Alen AxP Youtube channel has more than 250k Subscribers for building the community of Budgie lovers.
  • More than 500 informative videos on my YouTube Channel.
  • Exclusive bird care videos, live training sessions, question & answer sessions & more.
  • Dedicated channel for Budgerigar & parakeet lovers.
  • Budgie playing sessions with amazing tips & tricks.


Recently, I have also started a website ( which becomes the hub of the budgerigar information database and can be accessed anywhere in the world. Budgerigar is the loveliest bird to have as a pet. These birds are generally gracious pets that will provide you with companionship for many, many years to come.
On my website, you’ll find a number of resources to help you learn more about the joys and challenges of owning a budgie.


Along with my YouTube Channel and site, I also own a mobile application that you can download from Google or Apple play stores. Alen AxP Budgie Communiy APP

  • User-friendly interface design.
  • Access all related information, articles & videos on just a click.
  • I asked the solution to your problem instantly.
  • Get instant updates about my newly published articles or news and reviews.
alen axp

You can download here:
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Yes, Instagram too, where you can check beautiful Budgie pictures and updates. So make sure to follow me on Instagram too!


Budgerigar care is an important aspect of owning a companion bird. Well, strictly speaking, it is the only thing that you must be concerned about if you plan to have one of these superb birds at home. So, whether you already own a budgie or plan on purchasing one to bring home, this can be a wonderful experience and a long term friendship.

To follow up after your budgerigar care starts:

  • Make sure on a daily basis, change your budgie’s water and food.
  • After they get familiar with their surroundings, you can start mixing pellets in with seeds.
  • You can add corn on the cob, they love to chew it off the cob.
  • Anything green and leafy, it will take the time to eat new foods but once they do they look forward to it every day.
alen axp


Feel free to browse on my Alen AxP channel, site, or app for more information about budgies and their care, and be sure to sign up or subscribe, where you’ll receive updates per day in your email box.
Budgies are playful, affectionate, and super smart.  Owners need to understand the extreme importance of their needs and how to meet each one.  With proper care, parrots will thrive in a home environment.

Have a question or comment?

I hope that you will enjoy your time on my YouTube Channel, Website or Mobile application (if you haven’t accessed yet). Keep visiting and feel free to send your comments.

“The most animated, cheerful little creatures you can possibly imagine.” – John Gould, ornithologist and bird artist, describing Budgerigars in the 1800s 

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29 thoughts on “Contact – Alen AxP Budgie Community”

  1. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your article seem to be running off the screen in Internet explorer. I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know. The design and style look great though! Hope you get the issue fixed soon. Thanks

    1. Hey,
      I have a pair of budgies. I do try to play with them and hand feed them but they are not gaining trust and are not even sitting on my hand.
      Do suggest some way so that i can handfeed them and can play with them!!

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    Umer Ishfaq

      1. Where can I find the hanging toys that are outside of your enclosures? I’m trying to entice my older budgies to play that are 4-5 years old.

  4. Alene uzela sam jucer tigrice samo ocu da pitam koliko im treba period za adaptacija kad da pocnem da im dajem voce i povrce muzjak je 3 meseca i zenku 6 meseca uplasene su mnogo ne pomeraju se

  5. Zdrvo zovem se Bakir i imam dvije tigrice.Jednu imam vec tri godine a drugu dvije i po.Prije te dvije imao sam jednog žutog,nažzalost je uginuo.Dok je još bio ziv kupili smo drugu (žensku) ali da ne bi ostala sama kupili smo jos jednog muskog.Nazalost oni su nakon nekog vremena prestali obračati pažnju na mene i posvetili se jedno drugom.Prenio sam ih u svoju sobu kako bi bili blizi meni i kako bih mogao provoditi vise vremena sa nima.Jos jedan problem je da ne izlaze iz kaveza raspitivao sam se i govrili su mi da ih nasilu izvadi (rukom) mada to nisam uradio jer mi ih je bilo žao te sam nasao bolji nacin.Skinuo sam krov kaveza dok su bili na lljiljasci,one bi onda samo zakoracile i bile na krovu kucice kada bi ga vratio.Dugo vrijeme nisi nikako izlazili pa su izgubili kondiciju te ženska (Maza) ne može vise da leti duze od pet sekudni.Sletila je jucer na pod i malo me grizla dok se nije navikla da mi stoji na ruci.I danas se problem ponovo desava.Izvadim je ali onda direkno ude odmah u kavez.Moze ikakva pomoc? Sve u svemu hvala na čitanju….

  6. Hi! I want to know if your budgie are doin ok? cause I have 4 and 1 is tame ¿how can I get my budgies fly to me?
    do I have to show them a treat or something? also where do you get your budgies (from PetSmart?)?

  7. Hey,
    So I have a cage of 4 budgies with 2 breeding boxes and a budgie laides eggs in both boxes. Right now she is incubating the top breeding box egg
    A little backstory NEED TO READ
    she usually goes on the top breeding box and the last time she laid an Egg was in the lower breeding box we moved it into the top box and she ate the eggs soo what do you think I should do (I’ve tried taming her but it won’t work and the other budgies in the cage are not hand tamed but are not scared of my hand)

  8. Hello there,
    i just recently got 2 budgies from a shit hole of a pet shop here same as the one you got small cage tons of birds no toys no nothing but i got them the biggest cage i can get and millet spray but i think they never knew what a millet spray is so they are afraid of it and they freak out when i put my hand in the cage or adjust anything any tips please help first time owner and i can’t return them or give them to anyone due to not trusting anything her <3 thank you

  9. My budgie died 6 weeks ago, heartbroken& really struggling. Could I sent you just one email with a couple questions about her death? I have no closure, I’ve thought of every possibility and wanted your opinion.

  10. Hi, I have just finished watching a time lapse of the budgie life cycle.
    Your work speaks loud about your strong bond and interest in these birds.

    We are currently owning one budgie, it is our first bird pet. He has been with us since summer 2020 and his presence inspired me to prepare a project for my integrated unit for the Montessori Teacher Training.

    I love your work and I would like to find out, if there is a way, I can purchase from you pictures of the budgies life cycle. The life cycle is a part of my project and I need beautiful pictures that will capture and interest children in kindergarten of our school.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  11. Hey,
    I have a pair of budgies. I do try to play with them and hand feed them but they are not gaining trust and are not even sitting on my hand.
    Do suggest some way so that i can handfeed them and can play with them!!

  12. Hi! I found your website today and am really glad. Recently, I rescued a budgie from one of my bird feeders. He looked tired and cold. Now I have him in the house in a new cage with everything he needs (I have previous bird care experience). However, I’d like to find a home for him. I now have a cat, so I’m not sure I can give the budgie a quality life. I live in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Can you possibly direct me to local bird clubs or other budgie owners in the area? This budgie is also fully flighted, and I think he wants to be with other birds. If I could find him a home with someone who has a small flock already, that would be great. Thank you so much for any advice.

  13. Distress call:My budgies mother is not feeding the baby anymore. Another baby died post which we had to move the baby bird to another small place and removed the corpse. Baby is not being fed anymore and we don’t have baby budgie food available near by. Kindly help.

  14. Pranal Jadhav

    I have 4 budgies (2 males 2 females) the budgies are in pairs and recently one of the pairs female died. Should I get a new budgie for the lonely male budgie. Also the couple which the budgie dies have been partners for around 3 years.

  15. Hi Alen.
    I am your biggest fan from India! I really loooooveee all of your budgies. And i really love how much you love and care for your budgies. I watch your YouTube channel daily and also go through this app. You videos and the app is extremely informative.
    Hope I can meet you some day soon… Waiting for your reply.
    THANK YOU ♥️♥️♥️

  16. Hi.i have 4budgies.i want them to go into a nice home where theyl b looked after.ive had them a carer n now busy so cannot look after them..they come free with cage n accessories..any1 ineterestd.ive neva kept them in cage.they fly around freely.only go in at nyt..

  17. Hello Alan, i have a very serious question about my Budgie. He was abandoned and i took him in but after few months my Budgie keep throwing up even though i took him to the vet they didn’t know what’s wrong. Can you please help.

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