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Hi everyone!

We created and uploaded our first video on 7 December 2019 introducing you to our budgies, we brought our budgies home on 23rd of October 2019.

In our home country, we had two budgies, but we had to come back home, and we were really sad we had to leave them behind as there wasn’t a way they could come with us, fortunately, our dad said that we could get budgies back in the UK.

We were over the moon and shared the news with my older sister in the UK. When we were back home we excitedly urged our parents to take us to the pet shop ASAP. We came back home with our 2 budgies that we named Tweety and Blu , now the name choice was a real struggle ! our little sister was not giving in. However we managed to get her to like the names we all chose .

Our Budgie story on Youtube Channel

Our YouTube channel was a way to entertain ourselves as i am really interested in media – video editing i have always loved as i was a child . However recently things took a turn , after school i walked in through the door and normally i am greeted to the Tweety and Blu , but to my surprise i was greeted by Blu’s unusual squawking , i froze in horror when i saw Tweety lying at the bottom of the cage i frantically yelled for my family. Me , my older sister and my dad drove as fast as we could to the vet , they were oddly calm .

Tweety was in a stiff and was paralysed however we had hopes as she was still alive , she had attempted to fly numerous times, the vet gave her antibiotics injection and told us to keep her warm and fed. But sadly at 6:53 pm later she had passed away,Wednesday 11 March 2020. we miss her dearly and don’t exactly know what was wrong. We think it was from dehydration.


Now that Tweety is flying in everlasting sunlight, we do not know what to do with the YouTube channel we want to keep the name, we are thinking of getting Blu another friend to keep him company. I have been stressed about what i should do and how i could keep on going, I need to post a memorial video about Tweety .

As you may know about COVID-19 i need to do my online classes and things have become suddenly intense, i would really appreciate some advice …. Thank you -big fan of Alen Axp channel !

You can share your Budgie story or tell us about your Budgie Youtube Channel here


Alen AxP is an experienced budgie owner who is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise on budgie care. Through their articles and resources, they provide valuable insights and practical tips on topics such as diet, housing, and health, to help other budgie owners create a happy and thriving environment for their feathered friends.

3 thoughts on “Budgies – Tweety and Blu

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with your Budgies. So sorry for your Tweety 🙁
    You could try getting another Budgie, Budgies does not like being alone, they are social flock birds 🙂

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