Budgie Sounds | What does IT mean?

Sound is one of the defining features of budgerigars. They are full of gentle, twittering music, and provide an almost constant white noise of chatter that brings a great deal of pleasure to their owners. Budgie Sound

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bird cage

As the pet’s owner, you must provide your Budgie with everything it needs to live happily and healthily. Choose a bird cage that is the right size for your Budgie and position it in a location free from hazards.
You definitely don’t want your bird to be cramped in a cage that is too small. Choose a bird cage that is at least twice as tall and twice as wide as the wingspan of your bird. Get the most spacious bird cage possible that will fit well into your home.

When buying you want best Budgie Cage

Budgies need both vertical height and width for hopping and flying. The minimum size for a single budgie would be: 18x18x18 inches or 46x46x46 cm. Please consider carefully the size you get as it will determine how active your budgie can be and this will affect the health and happiness of your bird.

bird cage

Don’t go with the first Budgie cage you see at the pet store

Firstly, establish which cages are designed for budgies. There are some good looking cages for larger birds or for rodents which may or may not be safe for your bird, so start with the ones that are specifically for budgies and go from there. Do not buy a circular cage, as a budgie cannot stretch its wings and fly properly in one. The bird will also feel insecure and scared, as it has no corners to hide in. Your budgie cage needs to be large enough that your little guy can spread his wings out completely without hitting the sides of the cage, toys or perches.

Bird cages are generally made out of wire, metal, or stainless steel. Some cages may rust or lose their finish over time, so choose stainless steel if you want something that will last for years.
Test a few budgie cages and look for one that you can clean easily. Can your hand enter the cage easily? Can you use a brush inside it?

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