Budgie Rewind 2019: My Budgie Story #YoutubeRewind

Budgie Rewind 2019: A rollercoaster of ups and downs! Kicking off with Cookie’s January birthday – my adorable 8-year-old budgie. In just a month, she’ll hit the big 9!

The highlight of the year – welcoming my FIRST truly female budgie, Bella, from the market. She was rescued from poor conditions, and we couldn’t leave her behind. Some ask why we support the man responsible for these conditions. Truth is, we can’t change him, but we’ve changed Bella’s life. Adoption is ideal, but sometimes that special budgie captures your heart, and you just have to bring them home! And guess what?

More Budgies! 🙂

Just a week after setting up my DIY Budgie nest, she surprised us with a special gift – her first clutch of eggs, 5 in total, though sadly the 5th didn’t make it.

Living with a bunch of lively, sometimes crazy, screaming budgies may seem chaotic, but I love each one of them dearly. Watching them grow is a joy; they take just 30 days from hatching to flying. Taming and playing with these young budgies is a delightful experience.

Despite looking alike, each budgie has a unique personality. I’ve even made a video on how to name your budgie based on their behavior! Meet Nibbler, always nibbling; Cutiepie, a cute and lovely budgie; Sunshine, the playful explorer, and the stubborn 4th budgie, not easy to tame – a reminder that every budgie is different and may take more time to tame.

Biscuit and Cutiepie

Horrible happened

“Just as I was enjoying the company of my newly grown baby budgie, Bella surprised me with yet another set of budgie eggs. It felt like a kind of budgie frenzy egg-laying marathon. Bella, take it easy, girl! Caught off guard, I was contemplating removing the nest box, and she laid her first egg. Within a few days, there were 7 new budgie eggs. Congratulations to us all!

However, the joy turned into sadness as, after one egg hatched, something unimaginable happened. ALL GONE! No more budgie eggs – 6 budgie eggs and one baby budgie lost

“I never expected this to happen! I know Mr. Snowflake, Sunny, or Biscuit would never harm any of the budgies. I’ve observed their behavior with the rest of the flock. Then, I removed the nest box. Perhaps in the future, when I breed budgies, I’ll gain more experience – unfortunately, in both good and bad ways.

I made a Glass Budgie Cage

They now have a larger space for a happier life in my flock. Please watch how I created this glass cage; it was my most significant project ever! This year brought incredible experiences in budgie breeding, and I hope you’ve learned alongside me from these valuable experiences.

Sending love from my great Budgie flock for you no matter where you are. Stay happy and healthy.


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