My budgie laid 5 eggs and two of them hatched one five day before and other yesterday, question is this we have to take the other eggs out of the nest or wait until they naturally throw them out, and at which interval we should clean nest, so no insects or virus is spread on hatchling

GangGam Posted new comment May 15, 2023

I once had a bird called gang she sadly died at the age of 1 year. I have a male bird I give him everything he needs. I bought him a yellow canary but he died two weeks later if u wanna follow me, pls do it on sallycom.org the org or birds and silliest this was last accessed on 1/1/2001 now it gone. I give link here when u follow me I have no message or so pls don’t ask for email address I have 3 kids shabbily samar and John my husband Robert died ten years ago samar is 12 yrs shabbily is 18 and John in 21 I love them all I can’t trust them though. They trick me. John finishes college and works as a Web designer now. Samar finishes first school and shabbily causes trouble

Hey alen I was a good of ur bot why did you take it away it helped rescue my budgie sal, now he died because u have no bot

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