Hello! Thank you for doing this.

Not really a problem, but I’d like to ask to be safe. My budgie absolutely never leaves his cage. When he does (has to be forced out for cleaning the cage) he just sits wherever he lands, does nothing until give we him his cage back.

He was a stray budgie escaped from another home I presume, and he was always shy. I thought he got really scared after escaping and that’s why he’s shy.

He’s healthy, always happy, chirps all day long. Comfortable when we’re around, to a point he yells at us when we leave the room. But not interested in human contact I guess. He’s my friend, not a toy, so I’m perfectly happy if he’s happy. Just wanted to ask if that indicates a problem.

Have a nice day 🙂

AlenAxp Answered question February 13, 2023
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