I raised my three month old budgie, Rocky, from hatching because Mama had medical emergency. I kept Rocky in an incubator and fed him every 2 to 4 hours round the clock. He grew rapidly and weaned easily and began to fly at six weeks old. I let him out of his cage for several hours every day and he always flies to me. He doesn’t seem scared of anything or anyone and plays with his many toys and anything else he finds interesting. He eats a diet of pellets, a cooked rice vegetable mixture for birds, some budgie seed, and wants to eat anything that I’m eating. His cage is set up where my husband and I spend all our time and I let him put of his cage for several hours every day is very bonded to me and my husband. The problem is that Rocky bites! I’m certain it’s not out of fear because he’s very self confidant and outgoing. It really bothers me because I have had tame budgies in the past and none have been biters. However, all have been males and I think Rocky is a female. Is there anything I can do to stop Rocky from biting?

AlenAxp Answered question February 13, 2023
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