i have 6 budgies that are older and i got 2 extra(almost a year now) … one was fine and became a close friend with others, but the other one never, he just calls in the void sometimes follow’s them… he is mostly alone on perch or has fun with toys, but he does not talk much at all, it feels like he have not learned yet… the two were sometimes interacting but the active one unfortunately died of stroke/seizure… i think… it was so fast and he seemed healthy, but now that he does not have even the one that interacted with him i feel bad for him… should i get some extra young one for the posibillity of them being friends ? i talk to him but he wont react much… i could try taming him but i am bad at it… had one tamed so far and it was more that the budgie tamed me…. XD

AlenAxp Answered question October 14, 2023
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