I got two budgies on August 2020 and my husband named them Coco & Lemon. Lemon died a month later and Coco was left for us. One day, we forgot the cage door open and went outside because we were on such a hurry. Coco flew out the window. Fortunately, our neighbor showered him with a spray bottle.

When we returned home, our neighbor told us about our flying budgie. We thanked her for saving Coco. Everything was normal. Our days started by me waking on the sound of my alarm clock (Coco ) and running into the kitchen, preparing breakfast for Coco and giving them their morning shower before making breakfast.

While I drink my coffee, Coco keeps flying. He wants to drink coffee but i know that caffaine is bad for budgies so i dont give him. While i cook, Coco spends time with my husband. He takes him outside. During lunch, Coco eats from our food.

We have a lot of fun. On August 2023, we moved to a new house with Coco. Two weeks later he died and I spend some time before being able to write this story and submit it for you all.

I hope your budgies are all happy and healthy. ❤️

AlenAxp Answered question October 14, 2023
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