Adopting a Budgie – and a Friend

Some weeks ago, my aunt was diagnosed with a terrible disease. The treatments would compromise her immune system, so they had to get rid of some of their pets. One of these was a little budgie.

My wife, who grew up with birds, volunteered to take him. I was indifferent to birds, but when we got him home and I saw how scared he was and that he was untrained, my heart went out for him.

He was afraid to even leave the cage, so we left him alone for two weeks. Still, we fed him by hand every day so he could get used to us. I fed him about ten times per day, in small servings of seed and millet.

After four weeks and a cage upgrade, he is flying around the house and finding himself perches! He has made such great progress! I made him two perches from wood, about six feet in height. I also bought a bird playground for him with rope and perches and bells, which he likes to play with sometimes.

To see him act like a bird, singing and chirping and flying, after two weeks of being nearly silent and petrified, makes me very happy.

The picture I provided is him sitting outside of his cage in the co-pilot’s perch, next to me while I work on the computer.

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Saving a cockatoo from abuse

Since I was a kid I have always wanted a bird, sadly we could never afford to get one… When I was 21 I managed to save up all my money to get a cockatoo. Her name was kiki!

Kiki was the sweetest bird you could imagine, two years after that I go to visit my aunt who also had a cockatoo. When I got there I asked her “where is your cockatoo?” she showed me the room he was in. I almost cried when I saw the conditions he was living in, his cage was small, dirty, dirty water, no toys, and barely any food! I asked her why he was living so terribly. she responds with “it’s just a bird! Don’t get so upset over a dumb bird.”

I stormed off with my cockatoo, I then headed home. I called my local animal abuse rescue, the next day I got a call that she had been arrested for not only abusing animals but also drugs! budgie

All of us went into a room together and talked about who takes the cockatoo. everybody said I should take him, and yeah, I brought him home and named him Jason, he is still scared but is really active!

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