A Small Flock of Budgies

Helikopter everyone! My name Carter, and I’d thought I’d share my story with you all! 🤗 So as of now, I own two budgie a blue male named Olly and a while female named Luna. I got Olly as a Christmas gift and he was the start of my little budgie flock! I have a life, of course, I had to get Olly a friend. So on New Year’s Eve, I got a green male named Owen, along with a disco ball toy to celebrate the new year 😂

Owen’s two favorite things were eating and sleeping 😂 Pets are like their owners after all! But sadly, his eating habits got to him. He got obesity and one day after working on the farm, I came back to the house to found that he had passed away, with his neck broken.

Olly was devastated, so we got another green male. He had a large blue spot on his bottom, so we called him Blue Moon, after the song. 😂 But, winter was really harsh on him and he passed away in February of 2018. budgie

We then got Luna. We got her on Valentine’s Day of 2018 as a gift for Olly. It was a full moon, and she is white so I decided to name her, Luna Moon. (Luna for short) Olly and Luna became instant mates and have tried breeding, but Olly sadly can’t have children. But they still do everything together. budgie

I have a model railroad, so they enjoy riding on the trains as they go around. 😂 Olly is now 3 is Luna is 2. And as another year with my small flock comes to an end, I can safely say that there is nothing better than coming home after a hard day just to see those two. 🤗❤️

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