5 Reasons for Sudden Budgie Trust Issues


Gaining your little budgie trust is not easy; these birds take their time to trust someone. Losing the hard-earned trust is not worth it.

When you bring a budgie home, you are the happiest bird keeper around. You have all kinds of hope to bond with this new feathered friend. You plan how to do everything and anything within your reach to ensure the bird is safe at home and comfortable with you. This is the time when you try all means possible to reach the wonderful states of companionship with your avian adventurer. In fact, all the knowledge you have had from all the possible imaginable sources is now put into use.

Every time, you cuddle the bird, feed him, and teach him the step-up techniques. You work hard to build the bird’s vocabulary and teach him every other thing you have learned. While all these activities might be fine themselves, we could make a few mistakes here and there, causing the budgie to suddenly lose trust in us. How so? Keep reading to acquaint yourselves with the don’ts. If you do any of these, you will definitely lose your budgie’s trust.

Seeing the budgies from a level above the cage

Budgies are small animals whose size makes them feel insecure. These birds often feel insecure and perceive an enemy to be around. When you look at them from a level above their cage, you are risking losing the bird’s trust. Because he always feels unsafe, looking at him sends him the impulse that you are his enemy. He immediately gets scared by this. And certainly, the bird will lose the trust he had in you. When it gets to this point, you can no longer enjoy the companionship you previously enjoyed with your bird.

So then, now that you have known that viewing the budgie from the top of the cage can be scary to him, what is the best position? Learn and make it a habit to view your budgie from a level way below the cage. This does not mean you must look at the budgie from under the cage. Rather, it means looking at him from an angle that’s directed to the cage. In essence, bend slightly so that the bird has direct eye contact with you without looking up.

The bird should be able to see you in a straight line from the position he is in. When you do this, the budgie feels comfortable around you. The feeling of insecurity goes away, and he views you as a protector and not as a potential enemy. Always remember that, unlike human beings, budgies have their eyes on the head. The position of the eyes tells a lot about how they perceive things. Besides, their natural inclination makes them feel insecure, and so you must ensure a proper eye level to help them keep their trust in you.

Gaining your little budgie trust is not easy; these birds take their time to trust someone. Losing the hard-earned trust is not worth it.
View your budgie from a level way below the cage.

Tricking the budgie

We are used to tricking kids and get away with it anyway. However, tricking him will jeopardize the relationship he had for use when it comes to your feathered friend. In fact, you will completely lose the trust of your budgie if you consistently trick him. For instance, it may appear so funny to trick a bird by making an impression of giving him more treats but withdrawing the treat when the bird reaches out for it. Kids and even adults will enjoy this. However, unknown to you, you will be straining the trust your budgie has in you. Eventually, he will never be able to trust you again. Actually, budgies can lose their owners’ trust after just a single attempt of trickery. So you better stay away from tricks.

Instead of tricking your budgie, be honest with him. This will help add up to your working on improving your trust with your feathered friend. Be clear when dealing with your budgie. When you give commands, ensure that they are clear and distinct. The command means what you say and nothing else. Both in your actions and words, be truthful to the bird. When you mean to give the budgie food, give him. If you feel that he has had enough of the treats you were offering, stop the feeding process. Do not make the impression of offering the bird food and suddenly withdrawing them. You have worked hard for the trust, and it’s not worth losing in a simple trickery you enjoy but make your bird uncomfortable.

Forcing the budgie into things

Another thing that often leads to the sudden loss of trust in budgies is forcing them into doing something. Many budgie owners have done this and have ended up ruining their trust with the bird even without knowing. For instance, many bird owners force their birds to eat because they feel the budgie needs food. Well, you may have the best of intentions and only want your bird to feed and keep healthy. However, your approach and course of action could be the issue here, causing the trust your bird has in you to go downhill. Just like kids who will refuse to eat sometimes, your budgie may not feel like eating because of one reason or the other.

Forcing him to eat will strain the trust he has in you, and you may actually lose it. Of course, even adults like you will sometimes feel like not eating, and you will let go of yourself. Instead of forcing your bird to eat and losing the trust he has in you, be gentle with him. If you deduce that he is just not in the mood to eat, let me be. It could be that the bird feels anxious or sacred, and forcing him to eat will not solve any problem. If it’s anxiety that is causing the bird to refuse to eat, he will eat after he relaxes. If the refusal for food persists, you could take him for vet checkups. Be sure not to force the bird into training when tired and does not feel like it. Look for a time when he is relaxed and active, and have your training sessions peacefully.

Budgie Trust
Don’t Force budgie into things

Shouting and yelling at the bird

Another way in which people go wrong and jeopardize their budgie’s trust is by yelling at the budgie. Just like human beings who love it when people are gentle with them, pets enjoy it when you deal with them gently and calmly. If your budgie refuses to eat, don’t think of yelling at him. Instead of solving the problem, it will only make things worse. Instead of eating, the bird feels scared and insecure. In this state of frustration caused by shouting, you risk losing your bird’s trust. Sometimes, you may not mean to shout at the bird, but you just find yourself speaking loudly. The budgie may misinterpret this for shouting and lose the trust he has in you.

Learn to be gentle. Both in speech and action, be calm and gentle. If you are the ‘loudspeaker,’ you must start training yourself to remain calm and avoid yelling near your budgie, lest you lose his trust. Besides, keep away noisy children from your budgie. Your feathered friend will not trust you if you cannot assure him of protection through a quiet environment. This explains why hosting parties in your home is not wise, for it will lose the bird’s trust. With people being rowdy and laughing loudly, the bird gets uncomfortable.

Catch the budgie as he flies

Many people have lost their budgie’s trust simply by catching them as they fly. Of course, the game might seem interesting with you trying to catch them, and they try to escape from you. In hindsight, though, the game is not good, but a bad one that ruins trust. Of course, your intentions may not be bad; you just want to have fun with your feathered friend, nothing else but fun. Alternatively, you might have noticed that your bird is about to hit himself, and so you are simply trying to help him. The budgie reads a completely different message; you are an enemy trying to obstruct him. With that kind of perception, the budgie might never trust you no matter how hard you try to win his trust.

So then, don’t catch the bird as he flies. Let the game be and spare the budgie. You might not have fun but will surely have your budgie’s trust, which you cannot trade with any other thing. Of course, you will find other things that will make you happy. Besides, there are other things that you can do with your bird and have fun without losing his trust. Whether he goes under the table or wherever, refrain from catching him, he will finally go back to the cage as that is his home anyway. Give the bird the attention he needs but don’t be a bother through needless games.

Gaining trust is not easy

You need to avoid that single act that will shatter the bird’s trust. Sometimes, though, it happens without you noticing. That’s why this article enlightens you on some of the things that will cause a sudden loss of trust the budgie had for you. When a budgie loses your trust, he may never trust you again, and so it’s good for you to know these things before doing them and causing the loss of trust.


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