I have a 2 and half months old budgie. I got him when he was 2 weeks old and handfed him. He always loves hanging on our heads and shoulders. But he hates his cage so much. Since his weaning cage he never liked being in a cage. He’s been in a bigger cage for like 2 weeks now and he hates it as well. He never goes in the cage until he’s starving. He eats a few bites and then flies out. But when we hold the food for him or put his food outside the cage he eats alot. We only put him in the cahe during sleep time or when we are having lunch because he keeps trying to eat our food which is not good for him. And the cage is big enough and has alot of toyes. Any idea how to get him to like his cage?

Bader Answered question December 14, 2021
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