Hi Alex,I’ve a 2 year old male budgie named Sky. He vomitted twice or thrice 1 month back. I got him checked out but the vet was unable to find anything. We still gave him a course of antibiotics and also put on a liver tonic in his water in case it had anything to do with his liver.
He was okay for a month but he has started vomitting again from yesterday. His vomit contains seeds and is also liquidy. One more thing whenever he vomits his poop turns whitish grey. Also after he vomits, he becomes okay after a few hours and he starts eating normally.
Please please help me if you can. He was the 1st baby I brought home and he’s very close to my heart. I don’t know what to do! Please email me on this address if you [email protected] I’ll be eternally grateful to you if you can help me.
Thank you

AlenAxp Answered question July 31, 2021
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