My parakeets poop have been small and its been from 3-4 months … at first when i bought them they used to have a normal poop like in moderate size but after January or February their poop has started to get small and they have a good diet too….. i also have finches …. my  zebra finche is often poop all liquid … and sometimes large fuzzy poop …. in dark green kind of colour … i have recntly changed their seed from pearl millet and foxtail millet to https://www.amazon.in/Birds-Company-Fortified-Spirulina-Cuttlefish/dp/B07MK3JYRQ/ref=bmx_dp_cebnxwlo_sccl_4_2/262-7148775-8727154?pd_rd_w=dLLnj&content-id=amzn1.sym.b6b959b3-fa37-4d34-8cd8-837e41146eee&pf_rd_p=b6b959b3-fa37-4d34-8cd8-837e41146eee&pf_rd_r=89KE31VE1VE38554PV4P&pd_rd_wg=mmddD&pd_rd_r=00808f67-d408-48b8-aa0e-2ff89e88c5c2&pd_rd_i=B07MK3JYRQ&psc=1 this .

Kindly do recommend if any changes required as fats u can


AlenAxp Answered question July 20, 2022
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