I\\\’m not good at English but hope u will understand. 2 days ago at night a stray cat attacked one of my budgie from out of cage. My bird was shouting we immediately check what was happening. The cat ran away , the floor was full off feather (One long tail feather and some feathers from right wing, we inspect the bird but didn\\\’t find any physical injury. On the next day he was sleepy & weak,not calling also. We immediately went to the vet for checkup. I told the problem & They said the bird is shocked and afraid. They gave me an antibiotic powder called micronid vet (includes: Erythromycin,Sulphadiazine USP & Tritmethoprim USP). I\\\’ve been told that isolate the bird from another and make 2gm/1ltr powder water solution and feed him for 5 day. It\\\’s been 1 day but I couldn\\\’t see any change of him, he is still weak,puffed up,sleepy and silent.He eats a little. Now I\\\’m trying to keep him in a silent place in another cage besides his female companion. What should I do now?? Should I wait?

AlenAxp Answered question September 18, 2021
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