Which tree’s branch is safe for budgies to keep as a perch in their cage. I am living in the southern part of India. I saw one of your video. You have told that apple tree’s branch is safe. But I can’t offer apple tree’s branch and it won’t be available here. So any alternates instead of apple tree branch, please let me know. And please tell how to make any other interesting DIY and easy to make toys for budgies. And which fruits and vegetables are safe for budgies to eat. Please tell me the list. I would often give some spinach leaves, coriander leaves, mint leaves, tulsi(one of the family of basil)leaves and some curry leaves. I searched Google about healthy fruit of budgies, banana has been included in that. So I gave bananas but they didn’t eat it. I don’t know what to do. Please answer my question Alen. and I love to watch your videos often. It will be very interesting and helpful.
Thank you!

AlenAxp Answered question July 18, 2021
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