Hey so whenever I got my birds for my birthday about 2 weeks after my other mom who got me my budgies came to my house to help me tame them so basically she got them out of the cage then just let them stand on her hand and if they flew away she just put it back on her hand. She did this for about 2 hours and was being very gentle the whole time and now both of my budgies (about a week later from that) can both perch on my finger do step up eat out of my hand and have even slept on my finger before. They don’t even fly off my hand anymore unless, 1. They see their cage and fly to it, OR, 2. The male sees the female vice versa and fly to each other. And when they are both on my hand at the same time they don’t fly away at all. Also aside from that they let me pet them SOMETIMES but most of the time they duck when I try to pet them but they still sit on my hand. My other mom also has 2 budgies and did the same strategy with her 2 budgies and they are also about the same level of tameness as mine so I trusted her to do her method of ‘taming’ and it worked. It only took about 2 hours to finish her taming session and most of it was just holding them on her hand and they didn’t even fly away after the first hour or so.

Im not sure but ever since that happened they haven’t gotten worse infact they’ve gotten better, now they even accept a little bit of petting under their beak sometimes.

I thought I had to wait like 2 weeks of just letting my hand in the cage and etc etc but I just trusted my mom and it worked… I’m not sure but could anybody else tell me what happened because I was honestly stunned afterwards because now I have 2 budgies I can hold hand feed put on shoulder whistle and have them chirp back sometimes pet them perch them on my finger etc etc.

Oh and they also used to have a really bad biting issue but they haven’t bit me since my mom did that with them and they also haven’t bit anybody at all

Like their bites used hurt really bad and almost made me bleed sometimes but now they are just little nibbles.

AlenAxp Answered question June 20, 2021
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