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I am a new budgie owner. I have two budgies: Blanca and Arry. Blanca is female and Arry is male. They are both about a year old.

Blanca lately has been eating more than usual lately and has her feathers are puffed up more often. I’ve also noticed that she is not as strong a flyer as she used to be and has her neck tucked in more than usual. I have done a bit of research and her symptoms have led me to two possible conclusions, she is either expecting or maybe sick. I am new to this so I need advice because my sources and judgement could very well be wrong.

To add, I have not seen Blanca and Arry mate. However, they may have mated when I was not paying attention or was out of the house.

If it helps, Blanca is an albino parakeet. Please let me know what you think is happening to Blanca and what I should do about it. I appreciate your help in advance.

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To be sure, you need to take your budgie to be safe to a veterinarian, budgie breeder, or at least a pet shop. There may be various reasons, you don’t want the wrong to diagnose.

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