I had two budgies but one died. I was left with the girl budgie so i decided to buy a new budgie and he is under 4 months and is a boy. At first they didnt really interact but i started introducing them slowly. Btw they are both in seperate cages. So i opened both of their cages so they could meet. But my old budgie is pretty mean. She is protective over food and space, sometimes. My new budgie really loves her he has preened her before and gaven her kisses she kind of goes along with it sometimes. He follows her everywhere. But since they are in seperate cages my new budgie tries to breakout to get to her. And my old budgie walks side to side and screeches. I would understand why my new budgie wants to be with her, but i dont understand why my old budgie wants to be with him. When i put them together shes pretty mean to him and has hurt him before bc she was pecking at him. Idk what to do please help!

AlenAxp Answered question June 13, 2021
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