Is it too late for my budgies to have kids


Hello Budgie lovers!
i have a pair of Budgies which love each other
The men is 10+ \”Bento\” yers old
The women is 1 \”Karmen\” year old
Should i give them the chance to get small Budgies or is it too late for Bento to get kids??
I don\’t want them to get sick children which can make them sad if they die.

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If they are bonded you may try but you are risking older budgies life. You may end up taking their babies and hand-feeding them if something goes wrong. Every Budgie’s parents get under really hard times raising Budgies. They need a lot of nutrition, healthy food daily to get through feeding baby chicks every few minutes after baby chick hatched. And they feed them for over a month. Male Budgie is there to provide food for female because she will leave the nest for a few days warming eggs. For breeding Budgies, it is best to Budgies be at least 1 year old and more and be healthy.

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