As much as a try my budgie always hates me. It tests my patience by biting me. I don\’t mind the noise it\’s just that it bites maybe it pains me but I am thinking of getting a new one. Out of all the budgies I have this one is the meanest. Out of all the 3 budgies I had this one the meanest. 1st, one was a little mean but he never tested my patience. 2nd was the sweetest budgie I have ever had always perched on my shoulder and played with hair when I was playing videogames.
The third one is a nuisance. Its bites even hurt! I give it a chalky stone thing from the pet store to keep its beak conditioned but it sharpens it on there! It knows where to bite and make it hurt. Please I need ideas or I might rehome and get a new one.

AlenAxp Answered question March 2, 2021
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