I have health problems, shoul I get budgies anyways?


Hello! So, i have cystic fibrosis (a cronic disease that affect my lungs) and im planning to get 2 budgjes… but the problem is, sometimes i have hospital internaments that have a duration of 15+ days, and im in the priority lung transplant list… i always wanted to have a pet and i saw that budgies are okay for me bc of my lung problem (i did a really big research before considering getting them) I have all the conditions to take care of them (toys, nutrition, traning and tame, time etc…) Im just scared if I have to leave them alone for a long time because of health isues that i can have… i have some people that i can leave them with but i dont know if i should get them anyways… (i wanted a pet beacuse they would help me getting trough this health dificulties) can you give me your opinion? Thank you!, isaura

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Hello Isaura, well it is better to talk with your doctor about having Budgie as a pet. Budgies have dander from the feathers and can cause lung problems. Most birds including parrots produce a powder-like substance between their feathers and skin when they flap or shed their feathers. This dust is usually referred to as Dander. These are very fine particles and very light weighed which are more likely to travel through the air and persist for an interval. Read more about this topic here https://alenaxp.com/what-if-youre-allergic-to-budgie-fighting-bird-allergies/ If your problem is your budgie waiting for you home, get him company and they will be waiting patiently for you to return. Or get them when you get back home. I wish you all the best and a lightning-fast recovery! 🥰🥰🧡🧡

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