Hello! So, i have cystic fibrosis (a cronic disease that affect my lungs) and im planning to get 2 budgjes… but the problem is, sometimes i have hospital internaments that have a duration of 15+ days, and im in the priority lung transplant list… i always wanted to have a pet and i saw that budgies are okay for me bc of my lung problem (i did a really big research before considering getting them) I have all the conditions to take care of them (toys, nutrition, traning and tame, time etc…) Im just scared if I have to leave them alone for a long time because of health isues that i can have… i have some people that i can leave them with but i dont know if i should get them anyways… (i wanted a pet beacuse they would help me getting trough this health dificulties) can you give me your opinion? Thank you!, isaura

AlenAxp Answered question September 18, 2021
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