What is my budgie doing.? I think this one is female because this budgie has a pink cere. There are 6 budgies with blue ceres in the cage. None settle down with … her. She goes on thenround 1 and one half dish on the side of the cage and twists back and forth.with her wings open.back an forth every five minutes or more in the day. I looked…no eggs…no other budgie has mounted her/ him she sits on the cup and twists her bum on it. What is she doing and why…what.is she up to. The othrr budgies are just not intrrested in her although one seemed to be for a bit and he/ she sings with the others and may bobb her? head ie in front of the.mirror. please explain. There is 9ne other mated female if she is female in the cage. Some of the bright blue cere birds seem to enjoy another specific blue cered bird’s company and kiss a lot but no mounting except the mated ciuple. What is the reason the white budge with cyan blue bib likes to do that on the wet food.dish.

AlenAxp Answered question November 2, 2021
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