Help me please alen


Hello alen i am so so so so sorry for your loss of dear cookie he really was something else he helped me tame my bird.
May he fly high and forever rest easy.

I also have a question (2 actually)

1. How do i tame a slightly old budgie?

Hes a year and 11 months old white male budgie

He is soghtly kind and will vibe on u but not really

I want him to be like your birds!

And the second question if u dont mind me asking how did cookie die?

Was he sick?

Was it just old age?

Was it fumes from the paint?

Was it smth else?

Pls reply and i will pray for u and your family.

God bless u alen and may cookie rest in peace. Fly high dear cookie!

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I just made a video about taming and could help any bird owner, watch here

Cookie died because he was old :( He was 10-year-old Budgie. Thank you very much! Have a great day good luck with taming, I am sure you will succeed!

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Thank you very much!

Rip cookie

Have a wonderful day

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