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Hello Alen.
I had two budgies for 7 months and few days ago a female one got sick. She was puffy, sad and obliviously not feeling good. I as you live in Sarajevo and here it was very hard to find an ornithologist.The one I found couldn’t diagnose a bird properly and said it could be cold, pneumonia or issues with airways. So i didn’t have a right diagnosis, but he said to give her antibiotics. It was lasting for 4 days, she couldn’t eat normally, seeds were getting stuck in her mouth, another budgie was trying to cheer her up, clen her and even take stuck seeds from her mouth. I was trying to feed her, but unfortunately this morning I found her dead.😔 The second bird is going crazy from the sorrow, he is searching for her in the cage and I don’t know what to do. I can’t get another bird according to the circumstances, but also don’t want him to be sad and lonely. Do you have any advice how to help the lonely birdie?😔

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I am so sorry for your loss 😔 You can help your lonely bird by spending a lot of time with, playing, speaking. Some find Budgie sounds helpful, some even disturbing for Budgies. Try toys, a lot of toys can keep him entertained. But in long term, you need to get him a friend for his best.

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Thank you. The problem is I am not home often and thats why, unfortunately, im not able to spend enough time with him. Thats was the reason I got him a friend. He is not playing with toys anymore and constantly searching for her in the cage. I am afraid that he can die from sorrow. I was thinking of giving him to someone maybe, but dont know how he will react to that type of a change or how a new owner will take care of him.

Thank you. Unfortunately I am not home often, so I cant spend enough time with him, thats why I got him a friend. He does not want to play with toys anymore, he just keeps searching for her in the cage. I am thinking to give him to someone, but I dont know how he will react to such a change or how a new owner will take care of him.

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