Hello, my pair of parakeets just laid 3 eggs after being together for four years. I kept one of the three because the other two cracked. I know there isn’t an 100% chance that it will hatch, but if it did what else do I need to prepare for it? Any specific food for the parakeets in oder to keep them healthy other than their original food?

I also wanted to ask if it did hatch how I could make it use/tame to me from a baby to when it grows up. Does that mean leaving the baby with it’s parents and taking it out from time to time, or does it mean taking it to a different cage in a room closer to me for me to watch over it more?

My other parakeets aren’t as tame and we are still practicing it so I would want this one to be an easier practice. Would I need to be around it more or just leave it be?

Giana Asked question October 17, 2021
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