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Umm the budgie i got was like around November and its like still young and we had it in a small cage then yesterday i we bought a way bigger cage for it and since yesterday its been hanging from the corner and i dont think its use to me every time i put my hand in the cage it starts flying everyy where like crazy so yeah.

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Ok ok. So does he eat when you are close to the cage or he only does when you are far away? If he eats only when you are far away, then you should start by taking a spray of millet (budgie’s favorite food)  and try to get the longest one. If it doesn’t stay straight then try tying a pencil or small twig to it. You want to feed him, with your hand, without any close contact to him, in other words, you want to leave your hand as far as possible to him.

Other things you can do:

-If your budgie’s cage is too low or too high, try placing it somewhere, where most of the perches, are at eye/head level.

-Try not to make the house too quiet or too loud, that could stress the bird.

-Make sure you spend time every day interacting with it, talk to it like you would do with a child. Until he gets comfortable with your presence OUTSIDE the cage, Then you can move on to the INSIDE.

!READ THIS! If you bought him from a breeder or someone with multiple birds, other than a pet store, try contacting them again and ask if he was bonded with another bird, or just spent a lot of time with one. When we got our first budgie, she was bonded with a male, but we separated them by only taking the female. This broke her tiny heart and exactly the same thing that happened to your bird happened to ours. Just… she did stand on a perch and not hang. If she WAS bonded, then try your best to get them both together again.

Or else that’s all. It’s just a matter of time and patience.

Hope it helped! :)

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