Around 2 or 3 years ago, my parents let me get two budgies for my birthday. I did proper research, got a good cage, etc. Problem is is that we got them from a pet store, so they were not hand fed and their wings were clipped (thankfully they have grown out now). Their names are Peeko and Loke. Peeko does alright around me, and he will step up if my finger is nearby. Loke is still relatively scared of me. Around a year and a half after owning these two, my aunt put me in the care of two other parakeets, Charlie and Adelita. They originally were in a home with multiple children who held them and scared them, and due to life circumstances they were handed down to my aunt and then me because I had more experience with birds than her. Charlie and Adelita are still very scared of me (probably due to the children in the previous household). Charlie usually shies away when I’m nearby, as well as Adelita. Also note that Adelita is the only female. I asked my aunt about it, but she has no clue where they got the two parakeets. They also don’t have little tags on their legs.
Thankfully they all get along now, Charlie and Peeko taking a particular shine to each other. How can I get them to trust me, though? I’ve tried my best by keeping my voice down, feeding them, and just doing anything to gain their trust, but it seems like they have a permanent fear. I’m pretty worried for my birds. Since all of them didn’t come from very good places I know I’ll have to be very patient, but god if it isn’t tiring.

AlenAxp Answered question December 10, 2020
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