So my male budgie was trying to fly but he was too weak to fly due to antibiotics. So he was trying to fly above the radiator and he accidentally fell behind it, I was next to him and I saw him as he was falling behind the radiator. I quickly ran up to it and quickly grabbed him and pulled him out from there, when I put him on the bed I let him calm down and then I picked him up to check if he had any burn marks or any redness but I didn’t see any. He is now playing with his friend and he is eating, drinking, jumping. And I don’t see him holding his leg up or holding his wings down or anything suspicious. He is acting normal as everyday, I don’t smell or see any burnt feathers or neither his wings and tail or neither his foots and feets. He still can’t fly cause he was given antibiotics but I’m giving him vitamins. I’m wondering if I still need to call or take him to the vet?

AlenAxp Answered question December 10, 2020
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